Don't think we'll be buying any of THESE soon....

6 August 2012

Want to see a collection of deranged, deluded patent drawings for products that wouldn't even make it up the stairs of the dragons' den? Course you do...

There's the 'hands-free towel-carrying device'...

enhanced-buzz-5026-1344117160-19 ... the 'golf ball retriever and club'...


...and OF COURSE the 'parrot potty training device'....




  • Andy D.
    ha, you fuckers are lucky I had time to write this article - y'see, I was laughing so hard at it I was shitting my pants for about 3 hours straight
  • Nikey H.
    Har har Andy. I didn't find any of these funny. But, was doing a Facepalm at stupidity of people who think up of shite liek this.

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