Don't shoplift, or else...

Even in these desperate times, here's the reason why you should never shoplift...

[ForwardOn] via [eBaumWorld] (took out eBaum link as you guys wanted! Happy? :))


  • acecatcher3
    vince, u need to stick a new trolley up btw.
  • acecatcher3 i like that one
  • magicbeans
    AC3...thought u went allowed to post here?
  • acecatcher3 or that one btw if u were on drugs on prison...would that b a better combo?
  • acecatcher3
    meh im kind of not, think andy has blocked my hotmail email but i have hundreds :P hopefully he will unblock it again coz im not trolling on here anymore like....hope ur well mb x
  • vibeone
    I'm not allowed to post either :(
  • Gus
  • -=Mike H.
    Who let the sheep loose?
  • Edam
    Funny poster, but eBaum's World are scum and don't deserve to be linked to.'s_World
  • vibeone
    Wow we're allowed to post again! Maybe Vince VVong loves us?
  • din
    I nearly choked on my breakfast when I saw this, LOLZ all around. (agreed with Edam on linking to ebaum's though...)
  • -=Mike H.
    I would like to know where music would be without drugs?

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