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redsavelogo We've written about RedSave a number of times on Bitterwallet, and again they're back. Of course, it isn't good news either.

The company has had a dodgy past; they offered discounts on things bought on their site, however, by doing so, consumers were signed-up to a monthly subscription fee of £19.95. Customers missed this news, buried in the T&Cs, and many didn't know about the subscription until they looked at their bank balance.

When people complained, Redsave tried to get all negative comments removed from websites because, in their eyes, they were defamatory (even while the BBC were running a documentary about them).

There's a thread on HUKD about them (which is less than complimentary), Facebook pages set up just to hate them and there was the small matter of the HMRC chasing them for unpaid VAT.

Well, there's more. We received a message which tells us that the company who ran - Nettexmedia - is bankrupt, as you can see here.

However, if you visit the website, it looks like everything is still active, despite the small matter of another of their sites - - being offline.

With that in mind, it would be well worth avoiding If they are still taking orders, there's not much hope that you'll be getting what you paid for.

There's rumours that the owner Max Walker has huge debts and, looking online, if you Google 'Max Walker Poole' it says "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe," which suggest he's been flexing his right-to-be-forgotten, which is the new rule brought in by the EU.

Either way, we await more on this, but for now, don't be giving RedSave your cash yet until this is all cleared.


  • Coran
    Still amazes me that people can operate like this, basically just stealing left right and centre, and not be put in prison.. Reminds me of the We Are Electricals/WAE scammers.. He'll be back next year, under a new company name, doing the same scams.
  • shiftynifty
    Max walker is also director of
  • Redsave h.
    Awwww boo hoo! Crying real tears here, I really wished their business every success since they tried to sue me for libel for warning people about them.
  • harry
    I use a different email every time I sign up online so I can see who uses my mail for what purposes. I got caught by the redsave scam. They were rude and unco-operative and I lost my money. Since then my REDSAVE email address has been used by every crooked outfit you can think of including scammers, fraudsters and malware foisters. Appalling.

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