Don't post your Christmas presents with Royal Mail?

post officeFor those who managed to snag some Royal Mail shares, the quick £500 ish profit that could currently be made might mean a jolly Christmas is on the cards. However, if you need to send presents through the post, Royal Mail might not be the best way to spread Christmas cheer.

It can’t have failed to escape notice that Royal Mail’s pricing has been going up, and if you think the price of a first class stamp is eye-watering, you should try posting a parcel. Last year, you could have posted a large 20kg parcel for £21.90- this year the same parcel will cost £27.70, up 26.5%.

But you don’t have to send your parcels by Royal Mail. Research by Parcels to Go in the Telegraph found that the same parcel would cost just £9.80 to send through another carrier, a saving of almost £18. On one present.

However, Royal Mail does seem to be concentrating its efforts on the smaller end of the market, something their postmen and women are probably pleased about. For a smaller 750g parcel, the Royal Mail price is up again on last year- £2.60 instead of £2.20, but this now compares favourably with the £4.20 charged by its nearest competitor.

Royal Mail spokesperson said: "A significant majority of parcels handled by Royal Mail are in the 'small' parcels range. Royal Mail offers the lowest price in the market for small parcels weighing up to 1kg."

"The price change will ensure Royal Mail offers the lowest price in the market for shoebox size parcels of up to 1kg in weight," they finished.

There are a number of comparison engines available that can estimate your postage costs based on the size and weight of your parcel and it can pay to shop around. However, remember that some carriers may require you to take the parcel somewhere for collection first.


  • Marky M.
    I've not used Royal Mail at Christmas for years. There are SO many better and cheaper alternatives. They're only interested in corporate bulk business anyway; the rest of us are just an irritation.
  • steven f.
    I cant understand why people keep putting royal mail down.All companys have put there prices up year on year and yet with the good old postie at royal mails disposal we get a great service which No other company can offer
  • Richard S.
    I totally agree with Steven, the Royal Mail do a sterling job which we could not be without. Infact I would be happy paying 50% more for all my post.
  • James E.
    Richard you're such a twat, go back to AXA.
  • Dick
    So the moral of this story is don't send 20kg presents, choose ones under 750g instead. Or just buy it on amazon and get it delivered direct. And fuck the wrapping paper, just tell them the box is the wrapping paper.
  • Richard M.
    There are lots of alternative courier services for large packets and parcels. The problem is that none of them are as convenient as popping into your local post office and using RoyalMail or Parcelforce.

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