Don't mess with the laws of physics in a Radisson lift

Are you one of those losers who partakes in lift/elevator jumping? Y'know? Its when people jump up just before the lift stops at a floor in the stupid belief that you will feel like you're briefly flying in mid-air. Of course, one easy way to fly through the air is to meet one of the Bitterwallet writers who will kick you up the arse repeatedly for no reason at all. Anyway, it seems that one Radisson hotel has had a bit of bother with these nincompoops.

lift note



    is this real??
  • businessman
    Why are the lines of text not quite perspectively parallel to the edges of the sheet of paper?
  • Josh
    ... Surely its more a case of jumping just as the lift starts to move downward, rather than when it stops moving upward.
  • tom
    Why? Where they getting long lines of none patrons queuing to use the elevator. Sounds like a great marketing idea not one should be stopped.
  • JImbo
    Josh, i suggest you go back to school. thicky ;)
  • Dirty F.
    Josh is correct
  • Whisky
    Both variations result in the same effect.
  • Josh
    ..although with my variation the effect is greater as both bodies, lift and human, are moving initially in the opposite directions and thus the feeling of floating is greater and the force on the lift upon landing is greater. The scenario suggested in the article of.jumping.when the lift stops has one stationary body, the lift, and one moving body, the human, so this would lead to a lessening of the effect. Only a fool would choose to employ the latter method ;)
  • ToastedSoul
    The only time I jumped in a lift was at school, when the whole class plus teacher used a lift and the "overload" lamp was lit. Everyone jumped at the same time, while one guy pushed the floor button and voila, we cheated the lift! ...and by the way: our teacher almost had a heart attack!
  • Nobby
    So would they prefer it if people practised biology in their lifts instead?
  • Nobby p.
    Hopefully only human biology...
  • Andy
    Great sign, done a similar trick in an old lift in a hotel years ago which had a toggle emergency stop, the lift went quite quick and if you hit it between floors you would leave the ground without jumping :) great fun especially with unsuspecting hotel patrons on board ;)

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