Don't get Spotify through Apple... you'll save money!

spotify-logo While Spotify have made a pretty penny through people subscribing to them on iPads and iPhones, but now, they'd rather you didn't do it through the AppStore. Why? Well, they'd rather you subscribe directly via web.

Spotify has begun emailing iPhone customers, telling them that they can save $3 a month if they end their subscriptions via the App Store, and start a new one via the web. The reason behind this, is that the price paid through the app is higher because they have to compensate for Apple taking a 30% cut of all sales.

Now that Apple have AppleMusic, Spotify aren't afraid to go toe-to-toe with them. This is what happens when you become a rival.

With the Apple £1/$1 conversion, Spotify Premium currently costs $13/£13 a month from the App Store. Through Spotfiy's website, that'll drop to $10/£10 a month.

Spotify's email includes a breakdown of how you can switch over billing, which also means you'll have to stop your automatic renewal via iTunes.

Of course, if you'd rather go with AppleMusic, this is no use to you. However, if you think Spotify is better (and indeed, would rather use a service that works across all the formats, which is great for sharing playlists and the like), then this is definitely worth looking into.

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  • John K.
    Last time I looked the exchange rate was about $1.5 dollars to the pound. Are we being ripped off again for the same service?

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