Don't do what Sainsbury's tell you to do...

...because it will end in a horrible, horrible mess of melted latex bonding to fleshy thighs. You just know somebody will see this and attempt it, and make page seven of the Daily Star next Tuesday.

Bitterwallet - hot condoms from Sainsbury's



  • lidds
    hmmmmmmm the idea of constant protection is a bonus but is it worth loosing the ability to piss im not to sure
  • Matt
    A gentleman always warms his cock first.
  • Nick
    HAHAHAHAHAHA, I'll have to share this with my colleagues, I work at Sainsbury's
  • Jack
    Shit, you could have warned me earlier
  • Catt
    @ lidds just cut a hole in the end small enough to wizz through
  • William
    A propos to nothing much at all, I've just noticed that 'elite' could be written 'e-lite'.

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