Don't believe your ears - DAB tuner resurrects dead stations

DAB tuners are big sellers around Christmas time; a new shiny radio to replace FM jalopies, new digital radio stations to listen to - marvelous. If you're tempted to upgrade your listening experience, and you haven't discovered the fabulousness of wi-fi radio yet, might we suggest perhaps the most magnificent DAB tuner on the market - the iRiver B30. Here's an advert for it in this month's T3 magazine:

Bitterwallet - iRiver B3

The great thing is, not only does the iRiver B30 look the dog's bollocks, but it's capable of raising digital radio stations from the dead:

Bitterwallet - iRiver B30 and lots of dead radio stations

Even though they're advertised, Core, OneWord and CapitalLife are all defunct radio stations. Smash Hits Radio is only available on digital television and online, and you'll only hear Chill in London and Birmingham. Oh, and Virgin Radio hasn't been around for over a year - it's been replaced by Absolute Radio. In fact the panel listing the stations is from the latter half of 2007.

However, the mystical voodoo-like powers of the iRiver don't end there:

Bitterwallet - iRiver B30 DAB+

The product is advertised as the iRiver B30 DAB+. Sounds better than DAB, doesn't it? Except DAB+ doesn't exist in this country, not yet anyway. It's a new standard for digital audio broadcasting; although some new digital tuners are capable of receiving DAB+ transmissions, no date has been agreed for UK stations to begin broadcasting them. Far be it for us to suggest the iRiver marketing team crafted a fictitious product review out of pure bullshit, but unless Mister Lucas in rural East Anglia contacted them from the future, they did.


  • Geoff
    If Mr Lucas is from the future, can he let me know if DAB+ has removed the annoying noise that is George fucking Lamb on 6Music.
  • scribbles
    No different to Nokia advertising the N96 in the UK as having an integrated TV tuner, and conveniently forgetting to mention that it ises a standard that doesn't exist in the UK. Wankers.
  • Hmmm
    Buy it - then take thm to court for wasted time and effort trying to hunt down the defunct channels.
  • lol
    "you’ll only hear Chill in London and Birmingham." not true, works fine in Edinburgh... looks like you made a mistake by being lazy just like they did! next... yawns
  • LD
    DAB??? Don't fall for it and DO NOT BUY until you've read this ... DAB sounds worse than FM, Internet radio & radio via digital TV Pinocchio alert: Government & DAB industry are lying about FM being switched off in 2015 Quality of BBC's new AAC live Internet radio streams outclass DAB BBC deliberately degraded the quality of its Internet radio streams for last 5 years
    Don't listen to LD, and certainly don't read that terrible inaccurate website until you've read all about its owner: Seriously it's a great read, and make sure you look in the comments as you watch Mr Steve Green explode having heard a few home truths.
  • Kev H.
    I'm with you Geoff - Lamb should be offloaded onto Radio 1, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to have him.
  • Geoff
    Bloody hell - it worked. He's got the Alan Partridge slot 7-10 weekend mornings. He'll love that...

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