Don't be short! Simply be taller instead!

Bitterwallet - Let's Grow Taller


“This *Secret Combination* of Specific Height Gain Methods GUARANTEE You Will Be At Least
2-4 Inches Taller In 8 Weeks!” - they're only selling it because somebody will buy it. Remember that the next time you feel any inkling of hope for society.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Mike


  • Nob
    That's a lot of crap advertising for a couple of wooden blocks to nail to the soles of your shoes.
  • Tom
    I kind of want to buy one or two or three so the entertainment can continue... but alas I suspect that my cart will be debited for more than £30.
  • Brad
    Why is the "Short" guy standing on his knees with his legs photoshoped out?!? huh!?
  • Mr S.
    I'd like to add 3-4 inches, but not to my height.
  • Mr G.
    @Mr Small Eat more cakes you fucking midget
  • Mr C.
    @Mr Greedy How is eating cakes going to make his cock grow? You cunt.
  • Tall G.
    Hey I'm a stupid tall guy but I get all the women and cash so fuck you all!
  • P. C.
    Hi everyone, this stuff really works.
  • Mr P.
    @ Mr Clever The thought of eating cakes arouses me, and so they make my cock grow.
  • Yael A.
    I appreciate your input. I have learned something very interesting today.

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