Don't all rush at once ladies...

Yet again, Craigslist proves that it's the home of goods and services that you can't easily find anywhere else...



  • Gary
    "I can't help you unless an adult is present" - God only knows what that means.
  • me
    How the bloody hell would that even work? Bitterwallet should go "undercover" on this one.
  • Codify
    LOL, he will only tighten under 18's vaginas if their parents are present. What a gentleman
  • Mr W.
    Google 'kegels'
  • me
    # Posted by Mr Winterbottom | March 19th, 2010 at 7:25 pm Google ‘kegels’ Done(well wiki'd). That was... interesting.
  • Kelly
    There's no way I'm showing him my junk.
  • lollingtons
    Kelly, why not everyone else has seen it!!! most off hotukdeals anyway

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