Domino's: now throwing doughnuts at your open mouth

5 December 2014

homer_and_a_doughnut-1088 Domino’s aren't content with lobbing pizza and chicken dippers in your direction - they've introduced doughnuts to the equation as well.

Of course, we're not talking about an appalling pizza/doughnut hybrid (the pinut? The doughza?) but rather, they're freshly baking the sugar bombs and putting them on the menu.

You can get them in portions of 4 or 12 if you're so inclined.

It looks like they have decided to do this on the back of the success of their Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls, which has increased Domino's profits with desserts.

A spokesperson for Domino’s said: "We've been overwhelmed by the response to our chocolate twisted dough balls and wider dessert range, so wanted to introduce something new and fun to the line-up."

"Nothing can beat the magic and delicious taste of freshly baked doughnuts – we think home doughnut delivery is going to be the next hot thing."

HAHAHAHA! See what they did there?

The meeting where they came up for 'the next hot thing' as a chirpy thing to say in promoting this reminded us of something. It reminded us of this.

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  • Stevie
    Bought them yesterday when sharing 3 pizzas between 3 other colleagues. All 4 donuts had a bite taken out of them and that was it. Minging is being favourable.

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