Domain news: Now .wales is a thing

welsh flag Ah the internet. You used to do know where you were with a .net or .com and definitely a

Now it's gone personalised domain bananas.

Following the news that .london has become a thing, Wales is now the latest area to get it's own selection of personalised domains.

Businesses in Wales will be able to apply for a .wales or .cymru domain address from the start of September.

You're only allowed to do it if you're an organisation with a registered Welsh trademark at first, followed by others who can proof they're really Welsh with interests there.

Only organisations with a registered Welsh trademark will be able to apply at first, with others who can prove 'interests and use of a brand name in Wales' following afterwards.

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) says the system will allow people "to demonstrate their Welsh identity, language and culture online."

The addresses will be open to the wider public from March 1 2015. The 'wider public' there, meaning 'only Welsh people', of course.

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