Dog lingerie. Yes, dog lingerie.

lmp18 Yesterday we brought you the Pet Emergency Evacuation jacket and we’re certain that scores of you will have forked out the £300+ required that would set you up with peace of mind in the event of a major tragedy in the presence of a small, beloved animal.

Today we’re sticking with the small and furry creatures, but showing them in a very different light. Oh baby, we’re sexing them little pooches up with some designer dog lingerie.

lmp19Just picture one of them dragging their shitty little arses across the carpet or humping a lamp post in one of these exquisite creations.

But really, have the designers gone far enough? One word springs to mind here – 'peephole…'

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  • John J.
    No one needs this product, you have got to be kidding us!
  • Dog l.
    God damn those bitches are hot, beggin for it. Nowt wrong with a bit of animal luvvin :oops:
  • Boris
    Do they make a nurse outfit in these?
  • Keith L.
  • David
    I hope the person that makes and designs this dies!!!!
  • zeddy
    Aye Chihuahua!
  • Dick S.
  • Sexy A.
    Marketed as lingerie, but it just looks like silky dog clothes.
  • Designer U.
    I really like your blog! Keep up the good work!

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