Doctor recommends three day weekend

boomtown The three-day-weekend should be a thing.

And no, that's not just some idle layabout mooing about it, this is the verdict of one of Britain's leading doctors.

Prof John Ashton has called for the country to go four-day-a-week, as he reckons it will help combat high-stress lifestyles that us modern people live, allow more family time and reduce unemployment.

He's a doctor. Dude knows his onions.

"When you look at the way we lead our lives, the stress that people are under, the pressure on time and sickness absence, [work-related] mental health is clearly a major issue. We should be moving towards a four-day week because the problem we have in the world of work is you've got a proportion of the population who are working too hard and a proportion that haven't got jobs", Ashton said.

"We've got a maldistribution of work. The lunch-hour has gone; people just have a sandwich at their desk and carry on working,"

So far there's nothing to disagree with there.

"We need a four-day week so that people can enjoy their lives, have more time with their families, and maybe reduce high blood pressure because people might start exercising on that extra day.

"If you've got two people in a couple working, they need to be able to work in such a way that they can spend time together with their children. It's a nightmare,"

The UK puts itself through some of the longest working hours in Europe, and what with stress, transport, job worries and getting het up on Twitter when someone spells something incorrectly, it's NO WONDER that a bonus day off would do us all the power of good.

A recent YouGov survey found that 57% of workers support the idea of a four-day week, and that 71% think it would make Britain a happier place.

Happier. Imagine it.


  • Kevin
    Lose 2/5th of your salary and I'm sure some jobs will allow you to do that.
  • Coran
    Kevin, 2/5? One day a week would be 1/5. And don't forget that the 1/5 is of the most taxed part of your salary, so it will be a lot less (depending on your bracket) than 1/5.
  • jim
    same money less days. fuck working

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