Do you want to write a guest post for Bitterwallet? Yes?

A Bitterwallet employee, yesterday. You are better than this.

Not so long ago we asked for a few good men and women to step forward and be counted, as contributors to Bitterwallet's new How-To section, launching soon. Emails poured into the Bitterwallet bunker and we're currently sifting through them / burning them to keep warm.

That said, we're rudely overweight and hungry for more. In order to find balance in our editorial output, we're after people who actually know what they're talking about, so we want to start a series of guest posts from avid Bitterwallet readers - perhaps somebody like you.

You might already blog about consumer issues, or particular aspects that are of interest to consumers - tech, personal finance, travel, mobile, utilities etc. You might be a trained specialist, or well placed (in either a current or former position) to speak candidly about issues that affect customers - whether that's retail, banking, call centres, e-commerce and so on.

If you can speak with experience, write sharp and snappy blog posts, and can provide consumers with valuable insight or food for thought, then Bitterwallet will provide you with a platform to reach thousands of avid readers. If you've an existing blog or website, we'll happily link to you to share Google juice and love.

Does that sound like a deal? Smart. Get in touch with us in the Bitterwallet bunker at [email protected]

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