Do You Wake Up Angry? You Need A Smash Clock

Kids, we’re on the cusp of the weekend, and you can put your alarm clock into temporary hibernation for a couple of days. But come Monday morning, it’ll be back and that hate/hate relationship you’ve got with the instrument of your waking will begin again.

Maybe you should invest in a Smash Clock. It does everything that an alarm clock does, but it’s just begging for you to give it a good pummelling into the process.

Emanating from the clever brain of designer Matthias Lange, the whole idea is for you to punch the living billy-o out of its dome head when it’s time for you to pour yourself out of your bed and into the day.

It’s just a prototype at the moment but someone has to make this thing. Before Monday morning preferably.


  • Andy
    I'd probably only end up punching the Mrs in the face by 'accident'
  • badmanz
    I swear i have seen these before...
  • Ben
    There are going to be a lot of people who wake up with 'morning vision' and end up with aching hands when they miss the thing.
  • lol
    i need 1

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