Do you know where your towel is today?

It's a important day, today. Aside from being a May bank holiday when there's only a remote chance of getting piss-wet, it's also Towel Day. In fact every May 25th since 2001 has been Towel Day, to commemorate the tragically short life of one of the UK's greatest writers and gadget fanboys - Douglas Adams.

Few fans will actually carry a towel all day out of respect to Adams (the first person in the UK to buy an Apple Macintosh) but then there are other ways to remember this outrageously talented gentleman. The Towel Shop only sells one item - unsurprisingly, it's a towel. Across the front are the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters; underneath are the GPS co-ordinates of Innsbruck, since it was here in 1971 that Adams found himself drunk in a field, looking up at the stars and dreaming up The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

It's for completests only, so if you still want to pay your respects, you can always neck six pints of bitter and four packets of peanuts. It's not like you need an excuse in this weather.

[DON'T PANIC Towel Shop]


  • The E.
    wtf ?
  • eaxzams
    i was going to order 42 of these but after drinking a gargle blaster, i could not be arsed

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