Do you have a feral trolley photo? Send it in!

As some of our loyal readers may have noticed we have a rotating spot on the right-hand menu for our "Feral trolley of the week". Few things symbolise all our crushed hopes, corporate nightmares and consumer hacks as much as a trolley, isolated, disfigured and abandoned.

We have been sourcing these pics from Flickr Creative Commons photos but long-term we'd love to have them coming from Bitterwallet. So if you have a feral trolley photo already or have a photogenic feral trolley scrummaging your local bin or swimming in the canal we'd love to put it up!

All we need is for you to upload it to Flickr and then email us the link. We'll queue it up for the next go round.


  • basegreen
    here's one of mine
  • Paul N.
    Wow! Great stuff! We'll put it up next week thanks :)
  • Anna
    Pretty beat up one here on flickr:
  • J-Hob
    I have many abandoned and decaying shopping trolleys up here:
  • Rachel
    Hi, Here's another trolley looking lonely - this time in the middle of Thetford Forest, a good 7 or 8 miles for the nearest supermarket I can think of and at least a mile from the road. I have a certain weird respect for whoever managed to get it there!!! Rachel

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