Do Microsoft's DIY commercials need a makeover?

I've got to be honest with you. If some bozos turned up and transformed my dining room into a Microsoft shop, I'd set it alight.

It's an improvement on the disastrous Verizon commercial we showed you yesterday but you can still smell the burning as the cogs turn. "Women like home makeover shows," considers Barry Bollocks, marketing director, "so lets do a mock home makeover show to sell Microsoft!"

Embarrassingly simple straight-line thinking and ever-so patronising ("It's lighter than my handbag!"), but at least the sales assistant doesn't try winning the deal by quoting the wattage of the internal fan:


  • Mel
    What I absolutely hate about this ad is how at the start they state that Lindsey "thinks her laptop is good enough". Good, end of story. If she's happy, why are they trying to push a new one onto her? They can f*** right off.
  • Goity
    Before now I didn't know what a laptop was, but now these strangers have broken into my house, I need Genuine Windows 7. Thanks Microsoft!
  • Alexis
    Natural selection. If you're wowed by this bilge and hunt out your local MS store to get a 'New PC', then you're obviously a numpty. Of course that will never happen though because there is no such thing as a Microsoft Store in the UK. So ironically, said numpty will probably actually end up in their local Apple Store next time they're out shopping since they look the same.

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