DIY Botox: why it is a bad idea few weeks ago, a patient of mine asked if I sold any DIY tanning injection kits. She was referring to the 'tan in a syringe' Melanotan, available in 'home kit' form, recently discovered by Which? researchers to be available through a UK based website, which has since been shut down. that involved injecting yourself in the stomach. Lovely.

eBay also recently removed an advertisement for 'Home Botox Kits' when Which? contacted them to point out the potential dangers of people armed with needles, a face map and powder, injecting their face at home in an effort to look younger. Botox, short for Botulinum Toxin, is a poison that paralyses the muscles by blocking transmission between the nerve endings and muscle fibres. If not properly administered, it can cause permanent paralysis. You do not need to spend 5-6 years in medical school to know what that would mean for your general well being.

A plastic surgeon from the pioneering McIndoe surgical centre described the idea as 'crackers', supplied by a company advertising the kit for sale at £62.00. But eBay has long been the home of counterfeit goods for some time, considering individuals can advertise and sell anything from a needle to an anchor. Another recent scandal to hit the headlines is the sale of counterfeit mobile phones. PCWorld [magazine] has jumped on the moral bandwagon, ironically missing the point that perhaps if product price margins and customer service improved at companies [on the high street] (and yes, DSGi supporters, that includes John Lewis), counterfeiters may just find it harder to exist and indeed thrive.

In the global market days, anyone with an email address is familiar with spam advertising prescription drugs for sale. So while you may or may not be a big fan of eBay, I believe that the media are being a little harsh on them. All the reports make it sound as though the auction site was somehow endorsing the use of these 'kits', but anyone with an ounce of common sense would not inject their face with a concoction that has the ability to poison, paralyse, or deform themselves (except me).

There must come a time when the 'watchdogs' out there have to allow for the fact that there are far more dangerous items for sale on the internet. Although I would be delighted if my daily opportunities for penis enlargement stopped littering my inbox (with the exception of the ones I opted for), they cannot monitor everything. Far better to educate people and let them use their brains.


  • Joe S.
    Erm... you do realise that has *nothing* to do with - you know, the DSGi company everyone loves taking the piss out of? When others complain about poor articles, I've tended to dismiss it. But this is just a really poorly researched article with obviously no editorial control.
  • Vince W.
    Joe -we were referring to the magazine as the source of the story. That is why the link is to PCWorld magazine and not DSGi, and the reference to DSGi/JL was in brackets. But I've made a quick edit to clarify that anyway to avoid further confusion.
  • Andy
    I've had her.
  • Bob
    Funny how you failed with the "coverplan is satan" story and removed it in shame shortly after :)
  • John
    That reminds me. I MUST RING MY MOTHER
  • Jack
    I agree with defending eBy. I'm tired of the media talking about it as if eBay are selling drugs directly to kids, when all they do is offer a platform to sell these things, and have rules against it, with predictive blocking and people hire to remove auctions.
  • Dick
    Melanotan is dangerous and causes serious problems to people's eye-sight. Many people have reported worrying things happening to their eyes. Those users who read these reports by other users. yet continue to use it are indenial and stupid. It is not worth the risk of going blind for a tan!
  • Vince W.
    Thanks for the comments guys. Jack- exactly. Dick- I absolutely agree. While eBay can possibly regulate things better, individuals are really to blame for not thinking straight. Bob- the coverplan article was not removed. I rewrote a new version based on general reader feedback from the original story. It is now linked to the original one: :)
  • Honky S.
    She'd give a helluva blowjob!
  • MattS
    Dick, if someone thinks that injecting themselves in the stomach with a chemical they know little/nothing about is a good idea, I'd say their eye-sight is the least of their worries...
  • egay
    It is ebays responsibility to remove anything illegal or against their own rules. If a landlord (say the local council) rented a town centre shop to someone who then proceeded to sell heroin from it they would close it down. Nobody is being harsh on ebay - they are making massive profits from their "platform" and as such they should police it (properly, not just the half-arsed job they do of it).
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