Dixons chief headhunted by... Apple?

Bitterwallet - DSGi Chief Executive John Browett If you were Apple, almost certainly the most successful gadget-seller on the planet, and you were looking for someone to head up your WORLDWIDE retail operations, you’d go straight for the bloke from Dixons wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?

Well, believe it or not, that’s what’s happened. Dixons Retail chief executive John Browett has ended four years with the company after being headhunted by the Cupertino weirdo squad. New Apple boss Tim Cook says: “Our retail stores are all about customer service, and John shares that commitment like no one else we've met. We are thrilled to have him join our team and bring his incredible retail experience to Apple.” Ooooohkaaayyyy…

To be fair, Browett has tried to reinvent Dixons, Currys and PC World as being more customer service orientated over the past few years, and while they haven’t made any great strides profit-wise, at least they haven’t gone the same way as Comet and Best Buy UK.

Browett, who also has a Tesco.com chief executive badge tucked away in his ‘things what I have done’ drawer, will be replaced by Dixons’ current group operations director Sebastian James, who has worked for Mothercare and was behind short-lived, ill-fated DVD chain Silverscreen a few years ago. He also appears in that infamous Bullingdon Club picture with David Cameron and Boris Johnson, sitting just in front of Cameron’s right foot.


  • Mike H.
    Bet he drives a BMW, and rides a road bike. Smarmy cunt.
  • Marky M.
    Cue the £100 Apple HDMI cable.
  • Dick
    Surely the best way to improve customer service at Dixons, Currys and PC World is to shut them all down.
  • MarkG
    Perfect match. Braindead Apple customers, meeting Braindead Apple Shop employees.
  • Zleet
    I think you have this wrong. Apple are actually bringing him to their private island to hunt him for sport.
  • Badger
    The probem is with Currys is the morale crushing middle management (perhaps because of Browett?) stopping the stores from getting on and helping the customers. I worked for Currys for over 10 years and saw many changes but the previous 3 years were simpy ridiculous. The suits at the top briefing us saying, "it's all about customer service" then our store managers being bollocked if the guys on the floor aren't hitting 40% weh or hitting the kpi's on the other 20+ services. To be told from the top that your the solution for the company, but treated like the problem by your manager, who in turn is being treated like balls by the regional manager wears very thin after a while. When I first started at Currys, our morning briefings would be all about how we weren't hitting the Coverplan targets. 12 years later and the briefing were exactly (shoehorn in WEH) the same... 12 years and the same problem, and in 12 years time, it'll be the same briefing. To sum up, Currys (mostly) have staff who want to serve you, in stores that they want to look amazing, sell you the products you want and hopefully you'll come back and buy something in th future but are fed up working for a morally bankrupt business that places the blame on the staff for it's years of mismanagement. My axe is suitably sharp now.... you may now tell me i'm wrong... discuss
  • Monstermunch
    How Dixons,Currys, & PC World are still going is a mystery to me.Their prices are laughable
  • Ferret
    @Badger: You're wrong.
  • Badger
    @Ferret: Terribly sorry ;-)
  • SEX O.
    @MARKY MARK. What and you don't think apple over charge already?
  • Mr G.
    @Badger :- your wrong, you obviously just were either a: crap at your job, b: had a crap management team c: (the probable answer) BOTH Lest not forget Mr Browett was headhunted by Apple, and is now in charge of ALL of their Retail Stores WORLDWIDE, its a great appointment for Apple and allows Dixons to flourish under new management on the strong foundations John and the Exec team have laid. Time for Deathwatch on Comet, I give them a max of 12 months with Seb intent on their demise!
  • Badger
    @ mr giggle... my new bosses judge my performance now, but thanks for the heads up on my possible failings. To be fair to Browett i thought he did a reasonable job, his customer first attitude will work well for them. It was the ego maniacs in middle management i had an issue with.
  • Yoda r.
    Ive worked for Currys and comet for 15 years kesa dumped comet browett jumped ship retail is dead I was middle management and tried to be fair but the people at the top have one message but mean another good customer service is a natural thing not a script one will survive one will die comets new owners backed by John Clare and Carl cowling who mucked up at Currys will turn comet into the dixons hated beast of the 90s watch this space
  • Sicknote
    @Badger The problem with Currys is that Amazon are always cheaper. That is all
  • John
    @ Sicknote Always someone else cheaper. You need to get out more and away from the computer screen, might be whats causing your sickness.
  • Sam
    Its good for Browett to get one of the top jobs in retail considering that he's taken Dixons share price from 84p to 9p during his tenure and Tim Cook, being a Yank, has obviously never been to a Dixons store to see Customer Service DSG style. But suppose DSG are still here so good for him. The problem will now be putting Sebastian James in charge for a tidy £600K a year. That man constantly peddles half-truths (the wrong half) as if his life depended on it and never actually answers a question. Broken the social media policy yet again!
  • NoNONoNoooooo
    As an avid Apple supporter ... I will NEVER set foot into an APPLE store again as long as that man is in charge of their retail operations !
  • xargle
    Surely a better hire would be the guy who runs Scientology's high street operations? Much more crossover...
  • Ex D.
    How can they say this guy was customer service orientated when just over 3 yrs ago a new Service system was introduced which was so out of touch that when offered the chance 75% of the skilled engineers took redundancy and walked away as the new terms and conditions were so horrendous. Since then that new system was abandoned as it didn't work. New working practices takes the cars away from the field engineers and turn them in to delivery drivers in 7.5 ton truck. Customer service can not be done on the cheap. Engineers with years of experience in the brown goods trade told them, but as always with these things senior management never take any notice of the people who actually do the job. The government are doing the same with the NHS. Senior managers are always so sure and whne it goes wrong blame the workers who try to run a flawed system that has no chance of working.
  • Industrial M.
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