Dixons.co.uk - the last place you want to go. Really.

In marketing, if you're going to push the envelope and think outside the box, you need synergy in any multi-platform brand campaign. It's all about getting your ducks in a row, singing off the same hymn sheet. You want to be facilitating scoping, expanding your knowledge base so you can go the extra mile, and all the rest of that contrived bullshit that dribbles out the mouths of those marketing wankers.

If you want a memorable catchphrase for a business, it has to work everywhere - on buses, on television, in the press and on posters... and online. For example, you might remember the Dixons.co.uk campaign that attempted to slate Harrods using the catchphrase "the last place you want to go", on the basis that you can look everywhere else but you know in the end you'll find a product cheaper at Dixons:

While not a brilliant campaign - Harrods were in fact selling televisions cheaper than Dixons - the catchphrase makes sense in context of the advert. However the same strapline without any creative execution means something completely different, because it's already an everyday phrase meaning "I'd rather have hungry tigers strapped to my legs than go there" - or words to that effect. So as avid Bitterwallet reader Diane points out, when used on Dixons.co.uk without the context of the advert, you don't feel too warm and fuzzy about giving them your business:

Bitterwallet - Dixons - The last place you want to go


  • ianb
    missed the point somewhat? the tagline is a play on the fact that a lot of people say dixons is the last place you want to go in exactly the *I’d rather have hungry tigers strapped to my legs than go to Dixons" way. The creative agency basically said - "look, everyone thinks you're a bit sh*t, let's self-effacingly play on it"
  • Nobby
    Personally, I don't want to go there at all.
  • Ian P.
    Re Nobby In that case I would say job done to the advertising people - they have met their aim ; Dixons for you is truly the last place you would go ; lucky for you there are many, many other places to go before them so will never need to go there. this is want the advertising industry needs ; just a little bit of honesty – and it saves the buying public so much time…..
  • Spencer
    I agree with Ian, If the purpose of this advertising campaign was to be honest and say what we all think, then job well done. If however, they're implying that we will always end up buying things at dixons regardless of where we look first, then, er, no. No dixons, no. Bad Dixons. No. Dixons... stop it Dixons. No. Bad Dixons.... I would use Dixons (or any DSGi establishment for that matter) under 1 circumstance, if they had something I wanted as a misprice. Otherwise they can get lost. just about everything they sell can be found cheaper elsewhere, or a better alternative for the same money. Plus you dont have to deal with the hordes of sales drones with their fives nonsense, and the wretched stench of redundancy looming in the air like a thick fog.
  • deuce
    This advert won awards from magazines that are all about advertising so im not sure what the aim of this piece is?
  • Paul S.
    The adverts won awards, not the strapline. Sticking the same strapline on your website when there are 50 million people who haven't seen the Londoncentric posters on the tube doesn't work. The aim of the piece is to show how a strapline out of context can reinforce the wrong perceptions. For those wanting a lesson in reinforcing negative perceptions of a brand, look up Gerald Ratner on Wikipedia.
  • dunfyboy
    Im not surprised. Dixons get Spaz Inc to do their website. That would explain why their homepage runs to 18 pages in print preview in Opera anyway.
  • Junkyard
    deuce - I think the point of the piece is to point out what a bunch of unredeemable fuckwads the people doing DSGi's advertising are, no matter what the self-congratulating twats in some advertising industry rag might think. But I could be wrong.
  • Dogpile
    Dixons - the last place you want to go to be sold a SCART cable for £99!
  • John S.
    Shanks here. Seems to me that the point of this piece is entirely correct - I have not seen or heard of this Dixons campaign at all, so the website phrase "The last place you want to go" is, to me, entirely out of its supposed context. I interpret it as 'Go anywhere else before you come to dixons.co.uk' or something along those lines, which is what I think the author meant. But of course Dixons don't need to worry, if they retain their mantle as exclusive distributor of Matsui products in the UK, the shoppers will always be back. p.s. Does anybody else seem to have two search boxes at the top of the Dixons website, one of which (with the 'go' button) doesn't seem to do anything?
  • Lemon
    ......then you go to dixons. Only if you're a complete idiot. Yes, you need a £150 Monster pure unicorn hair HDMI for your Samsung 32" LCD and Sky+ box. Your average eyes will instantly implode if you dont.
  • Lemon
    @ Shanks. They need to be careful, Tesco's are hot on their heals with the steaming dog eggs badged Teknika.
  • D72
    erm....why is all the content separated from the top nav bar by hundreds of blank lines? FAIL I thought Dixons went out of business years ago, wasn't even aware that they existed anymore, now I know that they do and it's the last place I'd want to shop (once again) They have a price match thing on there though....maybe I should get them to do a price match on a £50 usb cable for a printer and humiliate them by showing it's actually worth 50p. Whenever I've gone into Currys or PC World just to look if I get lucky and they've got something on sale or when I've been in with a friend I actually make a point of saying stuff like that out loud...."5M OF CAT5 FOR £100?!?!?! I CAN GET 500M OF THE STUFF FOR THAT MUCH!!"
  • Tim B.
    There were other less London-centric parts of the campaign, but with John Lewis and Selfridges in place of Harrods. http://www.retail-week.com/in-business/marketing/dixonscouk-ad-campaign-pokes-fun-at-john-lewis-and-selfridges/5006412.article I recently bought a TV. JL and Currys.Digital had it at the same price (£349). JL included a free 5-year warranty. No prizes for guessing where I bought it ;)
  • Dave
    ....And as with Daniella Westbrook, the line magically disappears.
  • Better M.
    Links to the awards won for this advertising campaign please....
  • Lemon
    www.popularsearchengine.co.uk Anyone notice how search engine creates Arse Arch in the middle?
  • Slartibartfast
    Slow work day, just thought I do some real research on prices at Dixons.co.uk on whether their prices are really like. PC HD Component 160MB SATA 3.5" HD - Dixons: £32 inc postage, Ebuyer inc. postage: £31. Dixons don't specify the brand, and in ebuyers case, it's a Maxtor but all other HD choices are more expensive (eg: Western Digital). I didn't check any other on-line sites... TV, Choose a TV completely at random: Sony KDL-37V5500 and used google marketplace to find other prices: Dixons.co.uk: £591.70 including Delivery (4 days) RGBdirect.co.uk: £578.30 14 day delivery or within 5 days, £608.29 hispek: £569.99 in retail shop only and you need to bring your old tv for the £50 discount. Otherwise £619.99. Fine if you live near St. Albans. directtvs.co.uk: As hispek, same price, need to bring tv into their shop for a £50 discount. Otherwise £629.99. NO, they've literally just changed the deal! now £599.99 + £15 5 day delivery charge. beyondtelevision.co.uk: £578.40 including delivery (3 days). NB couldn't check in case any additional payments required on credit cards nonetheless item is in stock. Google didn't report any other cheaper places. Other prices from well-known online-brands: Amazon.co.uk: £629.99 including 5 day delivery Ebuyer: £662.83 including 5 day delivery. Play.com: £629.99 inc delivery. Tesco Direct: £699.99 inc delivery. (ouch!) Currys online refer to the same price deal as dixons.co.uk . -- I'm sure other readers will point out other online shops where it is cheaper, and that other TVs are a lot more expensive at dixons.co.uk than elsewhere...but they're you go, I don't think Dixons.co.uk should be completely ignored on price. S.
  • D72
    In my experience shops like this usually rip you off (or try to) on accessories and insurance/extended warranty For example, Dixons unknown brand USB A-B cable 1.8m length - £14.95 On ebuyer a 2m unknown brand USB A-B cable - £1.99 Dixons, Belkin 5m CAT5E cable - £6.12 Ebuyer, Belkin 5m CAT5E cable - £1.35 I didn't look at postage but in my experience you can get some of these cables delivered next day from ebuyer instead of going to these shops and you're still saving money. So what the usually do is, you can get a printer or ADSL router for a similar price to other places but don't supply any (or enough) cables with it so you then go and spend £15 on a usb cable for your printer, especially in the shops where some sales person is tricking clueless people into it, they'll also do things like insist that you should spend the extra on the brand name USB cable (like it makes a difference!) which costs even more.....like all the people spending £50 on HDMI cables lol
  • Dixons B.
    [...] seems the website elves at DSGi have been busy through the night – not making new shoes, but removing the strapline from their website that made no sense whatsoever without the context of their previous adverts. [...]
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