Disney: Please don't buy Bambi 2 for your children

I liked Bambi, but I think I'll like Bambi II even more:

It's about time folks at Disney learn that Bambi II and Saw II are entirely different movies. Or maybe they knew and the combination is deliberate?


  • Mike H.
    They just don't regard 'shelf stackers' high enough these days, "give them managerial positions" is what I shout in TESCO, oh.. they do?
  • Mike
    Haha classic, looks like a shop fitter forgot tho chage the facing, unless the got sent like that
  • si
    be gentle the shelf stackers new at the job his first since being sacked as ceo of northen rock
  • British R.
    disney = devil
  • Anna
    That is hilarious!
  • Andy
    Pissing myself laughing! Seriously, I have major whiplash - shouldn't be laughing but its worth all the pain!

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