Diabetes cured! The internet does it again! Or maybe not!

If you’re diabetic, you’ll probably be very keen to learn about Glucobate, a miraculous new natural remedy that could mean the end to your nightmarish condition FOREVER!

Just listen to this – “Glucobate acts at the microcellular level to attack the cause of the disease.” Apparently, it’s all thanks to Elixir of Muskmelon — “an all-natural sugar regulator with none of the side effects of the medications that break your budget without curing your condition.”

The website continues, boasting that “the bioactive compounds in Glucobate™ increase insulin production by regenerating sensitive beta-cell receptors — in effect, rebooting your pancreas to restore healthy functioning.”

Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is – like hundreds of similar ‘miracle cures’ available on the internet, it’s just a load of old bollocks. The difference is that the site has been planted by the Office Of Fair Trading as part of their ongoing anti-scam campaign.

Click on the ‘order now’ button and the scales should fall from your eyes as the OFT give you the lowdown on webscammers. A neat trick, and a convincingly shabby website that’s only slightly better designed than Friends Reunited.

Oh, and if you ARE diabetic, apologies if we got your hopes up, but we imagine you’ve seen through scores of miraculous herbal remedies like Glucobate before haven’t you? You'll get much more sense from Diabetes UK.


  • The B.
    "Every year an estimated 200,000 UK consumers waste money on 'miracle' cures for everything including baldness, obesity, impotence and old age." Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, tell me there's a cure for male pattern baldness please.
  • crispy l.
    Damn I though Glucobate was a male cure. My cocks been limp & flacid for years now !!!, i'm only 28 :( Any miracle cures gratefully recieved. BJ perhaps ;)
  • Jessica
    I like the blog - good job! I always prefer to go with the holistic remedies. I am tired of hearing about latest "Wonder Drug", only to find out a year or two later that it causes some horrible disease. I like the television commercials for pharmaceuticals, I assume they need to list any known side-effects (that is good) however it typically makes the aspect-results of the treatment sound worse then the disease.

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