Deathwatch - Zavvi finally dead and buried

It's taken two months, but Zavvi is about to be led off to the knacker's yard and pushed off a conveyor belt into an industrial mincer. 19 of the stores have been bought by HMV, another five by a former chief executive of Zavvi; the rest of the 125 stores will be shut.

There's still hope for a further three store in Bristol and Cardiff - a sorry number compared to the 125 operating across the UK and Ireland before December 24th.

The flagship store on London's Oxford Street will be closed down by Friday, as will another 17 stores across the country. The stores that have been bought will not continue to carry the Zavvi brand, meaning an end to a high street name that lasted barely a year. At its height, Zavvi employed 2,300 staff; 446 employees will be jobless within the next three days.



  • Honky S.
    I'd never heard of 'em!
  • PeterG
    AKA 'Virgin Megastore' until a management buy out towards the end 2007
  • Kevin
    Honky Tonk I'm surprised you hadn't heard of all the uproar about their vouchers if not other bits about then over the last couple of months even if there wasn't one near you. Funnily enough only about half an hour ago I was wondering if the Oxford Street store was still open as I'm down there on Saturday.
  • Joff
    Peterborough's going to have two HMV's for a bit. I say for a bit, because I can't see them keeping up the rent on two sites in a city no-ones really heard of except for having a Bannatynes loveshack.
  • Grim R.
    At last! I was getting fed up waiting.
  • Andrew
    Does this mean that they are increasing the 25% reduction that is currently available?
  • Paul D.
    Still it was a good tax break for Richard while it lasted
  • Kevan
    Did Richard sell off the company in the nick of time? He must have known it was hainvg financial difficulties. Shrewd move by the bearded one I reckon..
  • Callum
    If it was having financial difficulties at the time of sale, I highly doubt it would have survived this long.
  • Darren W.
    Richard Sold Virgin records a long long time ago, its just that it was part of the deal that the stores carried the name Virgin records name brand etc... Someone correct me if Im wrong, but im sure thats what I read in his losing his virginity book.
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