Deathwatch: Thorntons is melting!

retail deathwatch This is getting ridiculous. The Sun's business journo Steve Hawkes has just tweeted that "Thorntons joins high street meltdown, some 120 stores to close in 3 years, with another 80 closures possible" (since amended to a possible 60 further closures)

Thorntons said the outlets that will be closed are among the 364 stores directly owned and run by the company and that they hope to replace them with franchised stores "in the majority of locations". Well we hope that Anna Kournikova is going to come round and give us all special tennis tickles later on but that doesn't mean it's going to happen.


  • Dick
    Doesn't bother me, they are way overpriced for what they sell. Their chocolate is not even that good. Better than the crap they sell in tesco, but still not that good. Global warning has benefits. What were their excuses for poor sales? Too cold at Christmas, too hot at Easter.
  • Alexis
    Another company stuck in the past. A firm like Hotel Chocolat turns up and shows them how it should be done. Cue death of Thorntons.
  • Delenn
    I am rather amazed they have lasted this long. Their product was nice enough, but was way overpriced for what it is. Someone mentioned Hotel Chocolat - any manner of Belgian chocolates are at the same price point, and are miles better these days. In my grans day, Thorntons was the best you could get. I still remember how excited she was at getting a box of Continental chocs one birthday. Times change, their product has not.
  • Grumpy
    Why isn't being updated any more?
  • Steve
    Oh well, everything they sold was overpriced crap anyway.
  • Jo
    I think there are a lot of fair comments on this article. I've never been overly impressed with their chocolates. However, I will say the one and only product of Thorntons I continue to purchase regularly is their birthday/party cake which a lot of supermarkets stock around the £8 mark (although I am not sure if they stock it at a different price within their own outlets). I find a lot of the supermarket birthday cakes to be bland and/or dry tasting despite the pretty decoration. The large Thorntons one however I think is delicious and good value for money in comparison.
  • Nick T.
    I've never quite been able to understand how Julian Graves stays in business. Have you ever seen more than two people in there at any one time?
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