Deathwatch, not Deathwatch - Kublax still in the money

Bitterwallet - Kublax lives onPlenty of you have been in touch concerning the fate of Kublax, the online money management service. Last week, Kublax mailed its database and told users that because no further investment was forthcoming, there were only days remaining until all customer data was purged and the service was shut down.

But no need to panic, and since most of you probably weren't, as you were. Several avid Bitterwallet readers have been in touch to let us know that Kublax lives on, according to an email sent to users:

We are very happy to report that we are currently in advanced discussions with a UK based consumer finance website, SimplyFinance, to find a way to keep the Kublax site up and running.

As a result, our service will not shut down today as we had initially feared, and we will be working very closely with SimplyFinance to arrive at a long term solution which will allow us to keep the Kublax site and services available to you indefinitely.

You may not have used Kublax before (or some of the alternative services we mentioned last week) but judging by the response since we reported on the company's possible demise, it seems many of you find it invaluable.

Thanks to avid readers Graham, Chris, Alex, Charlie and Gooner

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  • ScottC
    Kublax is a great site - I just dont see the income for them. I suspect any stay of execution will be just that - a stay. Shame really.

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