Deathwatch - Kublax, the online budgeting site, goes kerblam

There's been a small avalanche of emails from avid Bitterwallet readers this afternoon concerning the online budgeting service Kublax. Graham, Alan and Chris all contacted us with news that the website - which displays your household expenditure in graph form to show trends over time - has gone into administration. All bank account information and transactional data will be deleted this Friday.

Bitterwallet - Kublax

An email sent to users of the website, the UK version of, pinned the blame on the failure to raise further funding for the venture. Shame - despite the stupid name it was a nifty little tool for managing money. If you're looking for alternatives, we'd point you in the direction of or apply to join the beta programme at


  • andy y.
    Financial whizzkids my arse
  • rob
    details will be deleted on Friday (although there on sale till then lol)
  • Saul D.
    Kublax were the UK pioneers, they probably took too much development pain and were the first UK Yodlee client. The service is not faultless, many UK banks are not listed, and customer service is passionate and powerful when you are dealing with peoples banking transactions. I think these reasons, coupled with the hyper competitive UK distribution battle in personal finance probably undid all the efforts that had come from the Kublax team. Theres a more in depth post on our thoughts at our blog Saul Devine MD –
  • Bollard
    Just received an e-mail from Klublax to say they will not be shutting down today as they are in talks with Simply Finance to keep the service going, and will send out an update on Monday.
  • Deathwatch, B.
    [...] Plenty of you have been in touch concerning the fate of Kublax, the online money management service. Last week, Kublax mailed its database and told users that because no further investment was forthcoming, there were only days remaining until all customer data was purged and the service was shut down. [...]
  • It’s B.
    [...] Money-budgeting website Kublax is closing down and taking all your records with [...]

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