Deathwatch / Jobwatch - Makro closes three UK superstores

As a teenager, anybody whose mum had a Makro card was considered a god. It meant you could get stuff cheaper than in the shops visited by mere mortals. Toilet roll. Sweets. Booze. Sadly it seems those days of untouchable discount deities may be coming to an end; Makro have announced that three of its superstores in the Midlands and South Wales may shut.

Wales Online reports that stores in Coventry, Wolverhampton and Swansea have all been earmarked for potential closure by the company, which will affect nearly 400 jobs across the sites.

Makro UK, which is part of Metro Cash and Carry, makes an annual turnover of more than £1 billion and operates a network of 33 cash-and-carry superstores across the country. The first Makro store opened in 1968 in Amsterdam; the first UK store open in 1971.

A spokesperson for Makro stated the closures were due to “difficult trading times and a need to reduce costs”. That's right, a 24 can crate of Skol - was £12.99, now £8.99. Or how about a 1kg tub of white mice, was etc etc. Stick them in your list at Retail Deathwatch if you predict further trouble ahead.

[Wales Online]


  • Joff
    Pfft, Makro cards are for pussies. Real gods had parents that owned entire sweet shops or a pub
  • Chris H.
    I too grew up with the belief that Makro was some kind of discount cavern of wonder. Visiting a warehouse in my adult years leads me to discover the only real savings are to be made when you purchase your cheese by the metric ton.
  • -=Mike H.
    Where am I going to get my shrimp and wax lips from now? 'Led me to discover' Chris (Twat) HTH Chris YFW Your mum, Mike Hock XXX
  • chrisg.
    Again, used to be good, but over the last 5 years started to look expensive even versus supermarkets.
  • Darren W.
    Makro is great, as a KID you just got to love the sweet section, its the only reason to buy a METRIC TON of Haribo's because they dont sell them by the 10p packet!
  • Collin
    I use to work at Makro coventry a couple of months back, electrical items are somewat cheaper but most food items are more expensive then supermarkers, good example include supermaket savers on beers 3 for £18, whereas Makro charge that price for one case

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