Deathwatch: JJB Sports close 45 stores - another 50 in danger

retaildeathwatchWe’re unsheathing the ‘tits up klaxon’, pointing it in the direction of JJB Sports and letting rip with a harsh parp of it this afternoon. That’s because the troubled sporting goods retailer has announced the closure of 45 of its stores with the future of a further 50 in jeopardy as the whole money thing continues to go proper haywire for them.

Things could get even worse as JJB seeks to renegotiate rent deals with landlords under a CVA (company voluntary arrangement) – if agreements can’t be reached, administration and the possible collapse of the business could be a very real prospect.

The company currently employs 6,300 staff in more than 250 stores and recently received a takeover bid by rival JD Sports. Whether or not JD Sports is more successful than JJB Sports because it has one less letter and is therefore easier to say has never been proved.


  • Nob
    Hooray! Hooray! It's a holi-holiday, What a world of fun for everyone, it's a holi-holiday.
  • The B.
    Could they not have had some planned "arson attacks" and claim on the insurance, all those man made fibres in one place would go up very well.
  • John B.
    Hahahaha Keith Jones you absoulte wanker, fucking everything up again, see you in hell mate.
  • Yue
    This is the chavvy sports clothes for fashion store yes? So a step in the right direction.
  • Slacker
    This is a disaster! Where are the Chavs of the UK going to buy/steal their trackies and Reebok Classics from now?
  • dan
  • EX-JJB M.
    I second John Browett's comments. Sod Keith Jones and this stupid business.

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