Deathwatch: Jessops use the liquidation word but there's nothing to see here.

retaildeathwatch It’s funny but if we strap our ‘gloomy’ lens on to our knackered old camera and look into the viewfinder, all we see is a big sign with “Jessops Prospects” scrawled on it.

That’s our unusual and somewhat creepy of telling you that things just got a little worse for the troubled chain of camera specialists. They’ve quietly announced that they’re going into voluntary liquidation, but are reassuring customers that there’s nothing to worry about. Got that?

Here’s what the Business Link website tells us about voluntary liquidation…

“Voluntary liquidation involves dissolving all of a company's assets, paying off employees in accordance with redundancy law and closing the business down.

It is usually only considered when all other options have failed (eg when no one is interested in buying the business or taking over its management).

There can be quite substantial expenses involved, and so voluntary liquidation is unlikely to provide the best returns for business owners who are looking to raise cash.”

jessops_logoBut Jessops have said that their voluntary liquidation is a mere formality, as part of the process leading to the company being de-listed from the Stock Exchange. And not in any way a precursor to them collapsing in a heap of toxic debt. Oh no.

Speaking about the voluntary liquidation, a Jessops spokesdude said “It has no effect whatsoever on the high street shops which continue to operate as before and will continue to do so.” Many more millions of pounds of losses and the closure of loads more stores then?

Ah, our knackered old camera has packed up altogether. Wonder where we should go to get a new one...

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  • Nobby
    Jessops are not camera specialists. They are a store that sell cameras, lenses, other photographic equipment, and photogifts and prints. But they are not specialists. Far from it. Some of the staff seem to know feck all. I asked one about the aperture range of a lens. He told me he wasn't sure about the overture. So I said I meant the f-range. He told me about a metre. So I asked to have a look at the lens myself, had a go with it on my own camera, and then bought one on amazon. They are great for trying out gear for free, but don't expect good advice from them. I have overheard them countless times recommending a camera with a higher megapixel sensor as the photos will be better than another camera, basing the advice on the number of megapixels only.
  • Tom J.
    if you read it properly the company which used to own jessops jessops plc is going whereas snap photo isnt (This owns the stores now)
  • Mark
    So... This means I can't pick up a dirt cheap camera in the near future?
  • oliverreed
    @Nobby I would just have told you to fuck off, let alone pretend to care about your questions.
  • bob
    Are the bitterwallet staff a bit dim? The shops have nothing to do with Jessops, the company who owns them just uses the name.
  • Joe
    @oliverreed Good to see you executing your DSGi customer service skills.
  • oliverreed
    @Joe how wrong are you, Sports Soccer all the way :)
  • Nobby
    @oliverreed, sometimes I wish the crap staff would tell me to fuck off. Then I could put in a complaint with their manager and hopefully lead to them getting sacked for misconduct.
  • Sam H.
    @Nobby Just because you had one bad experience with on member of staff does not mean everyone is the same. So what if you got a new member of staff, so what if they aint a pro photographer just yet. Everybody has something against Jessops and their, and the people that do are no more than stuck up egotistic wanna be photographers that think there clever, really your just a bunch of assholes with nothing better to do then slate a company there trying to help you satisfy you pissing hobby. So when Jessops closes, where are you going to go to view your camera before you buy them online.....Argos, Im sure the staff there can recommend AA batteries for you Nikon D3000! Like you think complaining to management that a member of staff told you to 'fuck off' will have any effect, more time than not manager have a very close relationship with their staff and quite frankly do not care, been there done it all, the only satisfaction I got out of it was knowing that the staff bonded together more so when they face dicks like you they can have a bigger laugh!
  • oliverreed
    @Nobby hopefully the manager will put you in a sack and take turns with the member of staff kicking seven shades out of you. People in retail put up with far more than you'd ever know. Cnuts like you wouldn't even register.
  • Kringle
    @Nobby - I think you've had your ass handed to you sir. All joking aside, the real problem is there isn't anyone out there who knows about cameras! When we advertise vacancies in our windows, we get little boys and girls applying with shop experience only. This is all good and well when we need someone to press "Cash" or "Card" on the tills, but none of them have any knowledge on cameras. Which means we have to train our staff. Unfortunately for you Nobby you came across a new employee. It's a long and slow process of taking someone fresh off the street, and teaching them all the extortionate levels of knowledge required to provide for some peoples requests. As for then buying it off ebay, your warranty is worth sod all. And whilst we are at it, those websites which undercut Jessops prices by hundereds of pounds... Well just try phoning them, and ask where they source their stock from. If you're lucky enough to get through, they'll tell you "Hong Kong."
  • Kiwi
    Jessops Durham store has just closed and disappeared from their website. Any others?

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