Deathwatch- HotelConnect ceases trading

deathwatchYou're unlikely to know the name since they predominantly supplied to travel agents, but accommodation-only supplier HotelConnect has ceased trading with around 6,000 bookings made through trade partners and 400 consumer bookings through its website.

According to Travel Weekly, Abta said the trade terms and conditions on the website set out clearly that it was acting as a supplier and that all bookings should be honoured. Abta is advising travel agents to contact hotels to ensure all bookings will be honoured, and expects customers to claim any losses through their credit cards in circumstances where they can before approaching the association.

You can probably pop back in half an hour to find out the name of another company that's on the skids. They're dropping like malnourished flies this week.

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  • Barry B.
    Booked stays in three European cites over two months ago but learned today (28 June) that the firm never forwarded the money to the hotels. Clients are going to have fun not only getting their money back from their credit card companies but re-booking without being gouged.
  • Josephine
    It gets worse. Apparently some customers are being charged twice without their knowledge. Talk about getting kicked in the teeth ..... and then in the nuts!

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