Deathwatch: Homeform ready to appoint administrators

retail deathwatch Another one prepares to bite the dust - kitchen, bathroom and bedroom group Homeform, the parent company of brands Moben Kitchens, Dolphin Bathrooms, Sharps Bathrooms and Kitchens Direct, has said that it intends to appoint administrators, with 1,300 jobs at risk.

The company has just issued a statement which says...

“The board of Homeform Group have today filed with the court a notice of intention to appoint an administrator. This process can take up to ten working days. At present, the Homeform Group remains under the control of its directors. The directors are close to securing a deal that will safeguard the future of the Sharps (Bedrooms) and Kitchen Direct businesses and have mandated advisers to seek a sale of the Moben and Dolphin brands. Further information will be provided in due course.”

If you’re waiting on an order from any of the sub-companies of Homeform, your best bet is to keep an eye on their website.


  • Mark C.
    On the bright side, this might mean an end to those murderously smug, "I asked my Moben designer" adverts.
  • Dick
    If you want some fun, go into a store and pretend to want to buy a kitchen / bathroom. If they tell you about the administration, then thank them and leave. If they don't, then tell them that you know about it and laugh that they will be losing their job.
  • arther d.
    what about the people losing there orders and being out of pocket and all the people who are losing there jobs.makes you think about the asset striping dircetors who ran mfi into the ground knew what was happening months ago but still took orders and blagged the workers...
  • Mr B.
    Worked with this lot and they were always ducking and diving to make the numbers at each month/quarter end. The number of incomplete orders, wrong items, faulty goods etc was incredible. They may have had some slick ads but 50% off everything would make any idiot think wait a minute, whats the real price. Sorry for all the folks there but the Directors are the real culprits and were still taking orders up to this week.
  • arther d.
    chris pavlosky and richard lee could not run a car boot sale never mind run the company ..the amount of waist and bad management is incredible most of the management were most of the old mfi crew who drove that to the ground..its easy to cover it up when your spending american money untill that ran dry..the old sad tale of trying to keep it afloat at all costs blagging customers and staff when they knew months ago what was on the cards..its criminal.

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