Deathwatch: Gill's Cruise Centre stops taking new bookings

15 July 2011

deathwatch Cardiff-based travel agent Gill’s Cruise Centre could be on the brink of being sunk into the brine after they stopped taking new bookings in the past 24 hours. The company took the decision after some major cruise liners, including P&O, Cunard and Royal Caribbean, said they would no longer work with them.

Gill’s has been in existence since 1957 but it could be Titanic time for them if they are unable to turn their metaphorical ship around and set sail for the land of profit and glory again.

Steamboat-willieCarnival UK, which includes P&O Cruises, Cunard, Princess Cruises and Seabourn Cruises has said: “We severed our agency relationship with Gill's earlier this week. We were becoming concerned with their financial position and decided to make sure that our holiday bookings were secure.”

But the good news is that Gill’s is a member of ABTA and that any outstanding bookings will be protected. A reassuring ABTA spokesdude said: “Any holiday booked through Gill’s is fully financially protected and the cruise companies providing these holidays will honour all paid-for travel arrangements, as normal.”


  • The T.
    Unlike the Thomas Cook article I commented on, this Deathwatch is accurate and reflects a genuinely troubled company. As a travel company, Gill's never diversified and has focussed on cruises. If the cruise liner operators don't work with them, they're doomed. Apparently the owner has always swanned around in a luxury lifestyle that didn't quite mirror his company's achievements. Very much a case of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burns.
  • samuri
    WHO? and do i give a fig................i think not
  • Bazinga
    Rubbish name anyway.
  • Sawyer
    @Bazinga Agreed. Same ambiguous pronunciation problem as Ginsters.
  • Bamps
    Real shame they provided a good service and we will always remember them as the first company we ever booked a cruise with

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