Deathwatch: D2 Jeans heading into administration

d2jeans copySeveral Bitterwallet readers have tipped us off that d2 Jeans are heading back into administration. The d2 website has been down for days now stating it is "Temporarily out of service". For those with a long memory for beleaguered clothing retailers you may remember that d2 headed into administration almost exactly two years ago (December 30, 2009) and was subsequently bought out by management in a bid to keep it alive. d2 operates 47 stores through the UK.


  • Joe b.
    Local store in Falkirk has just been shut down by receivers, shutters down and staff sent home.
  • Paul N.
    Thanks. I've taken the question mark out of the title.
  • Joni
    Just sorry for the hardworking and decent staff.....good luck to you
  • John M.
    Some stores will be saved hopefully
  • Mark
    They have also shut a reported 8 stores throughout Northern Ireland today.
  • South w.
    I've heard that all but 20 stores have closed today with all stock being transferred to these 20 stores. Management are currently looking for a buyer for these 20 stores. Barnstaple's store is one of the ones still trading.
  • Joni
    Cheshire Oaks is still trading as well - let's hope there is a buyer for the 20 stores left. Good luck to all the others
  • Marky M.
    Honest question. With decent jeans costing anything between £50 and £100 a pair, you don't have to sell that many to cover costs. How could it fail so spectacularly when Primark succeed by selling shite?
  • Sheila
    Two stores in Wales have also gone - yet another body blow to Llanelli town centre. Good luck to the stores that are still standing.
  • kirsten
    the irvine store in scotland has been closed .. team of 6 in one store and we all got told to hand over the keys and go home :( sad day
  • kyle
    D2 sold shite too,plus their jeans were never 50to hundred pound! Outdated cheap crap it was heading for a fail! The management buyout two years ago should never have happed,they ruined it,clueless old fools!now we all lose out!merry christmas!!!! An ex emplyee as of today!!!!
  • Sicknote
    Oh yes, D2 - we all have a pair of D2 jeans hanging in the closet........don't we?
  • Alanna
    People really need to stop posting the nasty sarcastic comments, yes d2 might not be the shop it once was with the good stock it used to have...... but alot of people have lost their jobs many of whom who made huge efforts and worked hard and stayed loyal to the company after it went into administration the last time, maybe if you were put in this situation you would'nt be so quick to mock?
  • Karen
    So did everyone just hand over their keys and go or did anyone have to wait late for stuff to be collected?
  • joni
    well said Alanna. This is obviously a human tragedy, but the immature comments don't do anything to persuade potential buyers. As you say many work hard and will continue to do so when (not if ) a buyer is found.
  • kyle
    They have permenently closed 19 stores so a buyer will not be found! And i can post what i want thank you aladin as i lost my job too,as is says in my previous statement,an exployee,i also had to hand my keys over with no friggin warning!
  • S
    Well Kyle, I have to completely disagree with you! We never used to do brands like Crosshatch and Smith and Jones, Etnies were thin on the ground, Apex and Woods was a good brand too.... what did we used to have? Nothing but cheap knock offs we tried to copy from other brands and make them into Benzini and Hoi Polloi. The stock is a world apart from the crap we used to stock and the buyout, if anything improved the stock situation! It just so happens that we can't make enough money any more. I think that the management have simply wanted out and needed there money back which explains where the moeny has been disappearing too for the last few months. Unfortunately this leaves us in the situation we now find ourselves in. I am hopeful that the company will be bought by either the group who owns Crosshatch or perhaps Blue Inc. Let's not give up all hope? Who knows your store might re-open but if they take a look on here and see you slating the company are they really going to want to offer you your job back?
  • kyle
    Well in that case if crosshatch or blue inc did actually do a buy out then surley it wouldnt have anything to do with 'the company' anyway! Besides we have all had our p45s so lets not live in dreamland just yet! All the good brands pulled out no lambretta no dcs thats where we made our money that and the fact having very little actual on trend clothes we were surley heading for a fail!what you dont understand is mordern guys wont just make do with any old clothing look at river island and topman on trend and successfull,more thought into which products you are selling must be given or you have no chance in competing in this market!
  • ex i.
    you guys really need to think good and hard about your comments , alot of people are affected here including people at head office who have families and responsibilites all of us our gutted but we have all learnt alot from the company so move forward and take what you have learnt with you good luck to all
  • Zodiac
    Good luck to all and hopefully things take a turn for the better in 2012.
  • Luke
    Kyle if i was a manager of any store i would not want an employee like you. Any store is doomed to fail with a member of staff like you. I hope that someone does buy all of at least some of the stores as there are plenty of empty spaces now in towns that need a gents clothing store. D2 was a great shop for the people who liked to shop there.. and thats not forget we cant all afford to shop in River Island, GAP etc. and on the other hand dont want to shop in Primark! D2 offered quality for a reasonable price, it just lost its way a little and needed a better management team behind it. Any new company that takes over the stores that are now empty (i.e all of them) will hopefully look to take on the staff that were already there as some are hard working and still were up to the last minute. Good luck to everyone who made the effort to make d2 a success, to the others who can't be bothered to make the effort go and find another job.
  • Lee
    Good luck to everyone who did and are still doing their bit for d2
  • kyle
    I am gutted tbf, this site is bitterwallet so im just venting some bitterness! Besides everyone hates a realist so no crittisism is ever appreciated!
  • Northern I.
    As a member of management who worked for d2 we would just like to say sorry to all our customers who bought in good faith and was let down by the company. We genuinely did not believe stores would close and that the owners jim mcgonigle and alan kinney were so greedy. For example when shops were starving for stock jim mcgonigle and family decided to open up a make shift shop at Boucher road filled with all the stock we were desperate for well anyway as a ropy business man we hope you choke on your benzini shite and grow a concsience and give a thought to all the staff you shit on.
  • Northern I.
    Heard a whisper...... Jim mcgonigle new ventures with ballymena business man. 3 words.... UR NOT
  • Lee
    To be honest I feel for everyone, they left us without a leg to stand on. Our loyal customers gutted,when we get took over, even a retard would do a better job
  • shawnsheepish
    Does anyone know if any d2 shops still trading nr manchester or bury? Got a very disappionted 14yr old who got £40 worth of d2 vouchers for xmas!!
  • Lee
    Your nearest is Rochdale,not sure if still open
  • Northern I.
    There is no stores open! Ur best bet it to ring the administrators and c if they can do anything for u! Il post number in morning!
  • John S.
    Anyone who has any gift cards and wish to contact someone the number is : 01563 852218 If it is just an exchange you are after realistically I would have to say you won't get anywhere with it. Unfortunately I have heard as well that the administrators will not give you the entire amount on a gift card back. Be prepared for this if you decide to ring them.
  • Barny
    Our d2 store in Barnstaple is re-opening as blue inc on sat 7-1-12.
  • kyle
    Yes northen ireland! Spot on!
  • Amanda M.
    Where can I now buy benzini from as my 11 year old son will only wear jeans if they are benzini since Scunthorpe d2 closed down I have had to shop online for the past 2 years if anyone can help me please let me know as could do without the argument with my son
  • eileen p.
    are there any d2 shops in scotland still open i have gift cards to use
  • cowboays
    I feel really sorry for all the decent staff and customers who have lost out to these guys really.. A&J have been kidding on they understand mixed retailing for many years they don't .. not the remotest clue- and everyone who ever worked for them with any drive, knowledge or talent was stifled mocked and burned by them and their wee clique of 'yes men' they called an 'operations team' out and out jokers paying min wage and expecting max input sadly it will not be long before they resurface at some market stall god help anyone who gets sucked in by these bampots
  • Jay
    Didnt know anything about this until I tried to purchase an item with a gift card on Saturday 28th January 2012. Was told that I couldn't use it because D2 had gone into administration on the 28th December 2011 and had now been taken over by Blue inc. This surprised me because the same staff were in the shop, the same items were being sold and I overheard one of the shop assistants saying they were a clearance house (obviously for D2). The only thing they could offer was to let me have the items I wanted to buy at half price. No way was I going to give any more money to them because I actually went into the shop of the 28th December at 3.45pm (I know the time because it's on the receipt for the gift card), to return an item I was told that I couldn't get a refund and would have to accept a gift card and that I had two years to spend it. (Ha ha ha ha ha - I bet they were laughing when I walked out of the shop) they obviously knew then that they were closing down.
  • D2 M.
    I feel very sorry for you Jay, that was incredibly wrong of them if they DID know, however the administration only started on the 28th at about 2:30 roughly. Our store was told at about 3:45 to 4pm would you believe however I find it ridiculous that the staff in whatever store this was didn't see the signs. Gift cards were taken off sale before christmas so they surely saw the signs! Me and everyone else in my store were telling everyone from that moment on that Merchandise Return Cards would be a very unwise decision to take. Unfortunately for everyone with a gift card I have just learned that you are 'Unsecured Creditors' and the administrators have no money to pay you with. Your best option is deffinately using the card in an old D2 store thats now blue inc and getting something half price, however a word of warning, Blue Inc are only doing this as a good will gesture for 6 months use them while you can! One more thing to anyone, we didn't know for certain until 28th and if you have a grudge against D2 so be it, however Blue Inc have bought 20 stores back from the brink and are not the same company so there is no reason to hate them quite so much. On a side note all the old D2 stores are being used for clearance of BLUE INC stock. ALL d2 stock returned to the suppliers after they closed. If you see the same brands it's because Blue Inc have bought it for cheap from the suppliers.
  • scunnered
    I worked in the warehouse in dundonald for nearly 10 years,and ill tellu this,how d2 survived so long is beyond me,ran by a couple of barra boys fae glasgow who didnt have a clue,and all the yes men staff from up stairs,the warehouse supervisor who took all the fittings from next door and split the profits with 3 of his ass licking staff,the internet person who was stealing more stock than actually sending it out to customers,to add insult to injury,the warehouse supervisor made sure himself and a few others would be allright after the company went bust and left me and a few others on the scrapheap,u will get whats coming to you,and i hope im there to witness it,
  • linzi
    Dose anyone know who the financial creditors were for d2s store cards Thanx x
  • D2 S.
    D2 store cards? D2 never had a form of credit store card so I assume you mean gift cards The administrators, BDO LLP took control of all the financial running of the business a year ago and they decided that there was not enough money left in the business to honor any gift cards meaning if you didn't use them before they closed they are completely worthless. I very much doubt the individual data of each gift card still exists so there would be no way to tell you how much money was spent on the card originally anyway. The business has been completely liquidated and is gone so sorry to say that there's no chance of any cards being used or redeemed a year on.

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