Deathwatch: Clinton Cards headed for administration

retail deathwatch We hate to say that it’s been on the cards for a while, but the fact that Clinton Cards is on the brink of being forced into administration doesn’t really surprise anyone. It has said that it expects its largest supplier to begin taking steps to force the administration.

Back in March, Clinton reported losses of £3.7m and announced that the future wasn’t about to get any brighter any time soon. Shares in the company have been suspended ahead of the commencement of the administration process, which is certain to spook its 4,800 staff members.

The supplier in question, American Greetings, recently bought up £35m of loans from two of Clinton’s banks and once Clinton had broken the conditions of the loans, American Greetings decided to force the administration.

Now we’re not experts but it wouldn’t completely surprise us if Clinton Cards ended up being sold to American Greetings for a very small sum of money. What? Cynical? Us? Never.


  • klingelton
    Maybe I should buy a "sorry you're leaving" card before they go.
  • Sicknote
    American Greetings....? Aren't they usually headed up with a missile strike: 1. American Greetings to Iraq 2. American Greetings to Afghanistan 3. American Greetings to Iran... 4. American Greetings to Pakistan..... 5. American Greetings to Moscow.........
  • Cheapskate
    £3+ for a coloured card at Clintons. 50P for a coloured card at Card Party. Same sentiment.
  • qwertyuiop
    Try card factory, they have em for 20p!!!! Most people don't give a shit so long as they actually get a card. Fuck, even cards sold by Paperchase, which is where this country's upper class toffs buy cards from are cheaper than most of Clinton's fairly sorry offerings.
  • Lee N.
    And a £12m+ loss to the UK government in annual tax revenue followed by a flood of benefit claims. Who sold this off to the Yanks? Barclays and RBS! Smart move UK bankers.
  • foxwatch
    Do they have pictures of fox's on their cards? If not-Fail!!!
  • Capability B.
    "With deepest sympathy"
  • Mike H.
    and those 4800 staff members work in one shop, all stood behind the counter talking about Karen's new hair. Good riddence you fucking idiots.

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