Deathwatch: CDWow! winding down?

retaildeathwatch Something is amiss in the world of online entertainment stalwart CDWow! Reports are emerging that their parent companies Stomp AU and Stomp HK have gone into voluntary administration, just a few weeks after being acquired by a company called Surrealus. A quick look at the CDWow! site shows that they aren’t currently stocking this week's big new CD releases by the likes of Brandon Flowers and Hurts. Curious.

A couple of months ago, CDWow! were removed from the line-up at Quidco, due to their non-payment of cashback. So in a nutshell, if you’re thinking of ordering anything from CDWow!, think very carefully indeed. More news as and when we get it…

EDIT: Scroll down to see the comment from Alex at CDWow! It seems that The company will continue to trade under new owners and outstanding orders will be fulfilled or refunds will be issued. Keep us posted if any of you have any problems with CDWow!


  • Chris F.
    i havent used CDWOW for years, always found them a bit crap. in fact the last thing i think i bought off them was an australian version of Animal Crossing for the GemeCube because Nintendo still hadn't decided to release it in europe, so was a fair while ago! theyve always seemed a bit desperate for custom to me, more so than usual recently - ghet a lot of emails offering voucher codes. Maybe this explains why - sly attempt to sell off stock
  • zleet
    Cdwow have been shit for years. Pity as they used to be the best place to get R3 and R4 dvd's, especially hk kung fu dvd's for a couple of quid.
  • J F.
    CD Wow went wrong about 5 years ago. 2005ish. They got their pricing wrong and everything non-cd seemed expensive. They had built their business around selling ultra-cheap (at the time) cds at a standard £8.99 price. We all thought that was amazing in 2003 but by the late noughties cds were priced considerably less. Certainly by Bangcd. But CD Wow failed to compete quick enough. Combine that with a change in voucher strategy in which vouchers had short expiry dates. And consumer realisation that flying goods in from Hong Kong gave them a size 12 carbon footprint. Then they let a lot of customers down with failing to pay Quidco this year. RIP CD Wow. Some fond memories.
  • The B.
    It all went tits up after they got taken to court over grey market imports, thanks for the tip off, it explains why we've had problems with them coughing up referer fees at work.
  • Rich
    looks like you helped hammer another nail into the CDWOW coffin.
  • Alex W.
    Hi there, I can confirm that Stomp AU and Stomp HK have both gone into voluntary administration. The assets of the business, including CD WOW, have been purchased by a new Australian company, Surrealus. The old owners of Stomp are no longer involved with the business in any way Orders placed with CD WOW! before the administration period started will, where possible, be fulfilled by the new CD WOW! (owned by Surrealus). Any orders that cannot be fulfilled will be refunded. There is no need to worry about your existing orders, or any new ones. Us employees have been fortunate enough to keep our jobs. We are currently working with the new owners to re-establish the CD WOW! brand. We are working on reinstating our extensive range at great prices that our customers expect from us. We are also speaking to our business partners about setting up new accounts with the new company. Please note, Surrealus have only purchased the assets, none of the liabilities associated with Stomp AU or Stomp HK. As part of the voluntary administration process, companies owed money by the former company (including affiliate networks) will receive formal notification from the administrators regarding their unpaid debt. Thanks
  • Squirrel
    Will shed a tear for their departure.The mere aspect of the free delivery gave me, here in South Africa access to some great music at great prices meaning landed price. Thanks CDwow for the ride, while it lasted
  • 5 S.
    Used to be able to get the grunt movies off of them quite cheaply, not any more. Shame as I used to thwap myself silly for not much dinaro, now more than ever, with a heavily pregnant wife, could I do with a couple of these while she's out shopping.
  • zleet
    @ 5 knuckle shuffler I've heard (obviously haven't checked though) that the internet now has porn on it (no DVD needed if you can believe it), must be a new thing.
  • Morocco
    How did the wife get heavily pregnant if you spend all your time wanking?
  • 5 S.
    @zleet Bit tricky to get the old custard-chucker out when the computer's linked to the main TV and the inlaws are round. At least with a laptop, I can chuck myself around any other room in the house without any disruption
  • zleet
    @5 knuckle shuffler I can see how that might make family night a little awkward. You could always just buy a slanket and a fake arm from a joke shop then rub one out in secret to the new bird on countdown.
  • 5 S.
    @Morocco Ever heard of a turkey baster? Only joking, it happened on one of those rare occasions where she was drunk, but not drunk enough for her to let me 'smash her back doors in'
  • 5 S.
    @zleet Not sure about all that old rigmarole with the fake arm and slanket, sounds like too much of a faff to me. To be honest, it'd take longer getting ready than it would just flopping it out and getting to the vinegar strokes. I know what you mean about that Rachel Riley bird - top harris on that doris. Saw that Christine Bleakley lookalike (but with cracking norks) on the box the other day and thought about reaching for the box of tissues........
  • Morocco
    @5 Knuckle Shuffler Excellent response, made me guffaw audibly earning concerned glances from others in the quiet office. Saluted.
  • dunfyboy
    Wankers! Anyway, like others, I used to use CD Wow years ago but their site always looked a little home-made and their search function was crap. They priced themselves out of the market too. I'm glad nobody's lost their job, but I still doubt I'll use them.
  • Kenny G.
    The rot started when they the UK and relocated to Cyprus orders were either late or didn't arrive I got away from them just in time after it had new management that's when it went down hill. Is a shame because it was a brilliant company.
  • Chris
    Ive got find memories of CDWow from the start in 2000 and their tiny first ad in the Daily Mail. Supplied me with fairly priced CDs delivered promptly for many years. However I ran a high profile website and had an affiliate link with CDWow both on the site and via promos in our product dispatches. It was /always/ a fight to get the money owed and by 2004/5 I began to look around for alternative affiliates AND a new source to buy my own CDs and DVDs. Moral of the story? Don't annoy your affiliates, they are like your sales employees!

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