Deathwatch - Carpetright's profits go through the floor

carpet_rightIt's a scientific fact - when a country is in a recession, we all make do with our threadbare carpets a little longer than usual. It may keep our bank accounts in order but it's bad news for the likes of Carpetright - they've just announced a slump in profits of a whopping 70%, from £22.3 million to £6.6 million.

The retailer has already reduced the number of stores across Great Britain and Ireland by 5% to 559 in the past year, and has now said it is reviewing store numbers again as a result of the slump. Carpetright had already issued two profit warnings earlier this year.


Thanks to avid Bitterwallet readers Danny and Mike


  • Dingo
    Also, CarpetRight used to have their stores inside Focus as well......
  • Gunn
    I only recently got new carpets and the deals were rubbish, infact most had put prices up due to VAT and cost of manufacture.
  • Shonk
    50% off this weekend only Lol theyr whole sales ploy is a joke

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