Deathwatch: Can Bill Gates save JJB Sports?

retaildeathwatchDig, if you will, a picture of Bill Gates in a tracksuit. He’s all sweaty because he’s probably been running or something, but where did he get the tracksuit from? Why it was JJB of course.

That’s because a trust operating on behalf of Bill and his lovely wife Melissa is one of the largest shareholders of the ailing sportswear company, and now Bill might be asked to dig into the pockets of his tracksuit and come up with some more dosh if JJB is to survive.

They’re believed to be on the brink of asking shareholders to come up with an extra £65 million as part of their rescue plan. That comes on top of the £31.5m that Gates and his mates stumped up last month. Additionally, JD Sports attempts to launch a takeover of JJB came to an end last week.

It’s all starting to look mighty grim for JJB, and if Bill Gates can’t bail them out, who can?

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