Deathwatch: Cadbury Chocolate coins

chocolate coins Cadbury have discontinued producing chocolate coins. Cue half of Britain screaming: Noooooooo!

The news was revealed when a Twitter user asked Cadbury about the news, which they sadly confirmed.

The treat, which can usually be found 98% of the time in a Christmas stocking, had been in production for over 40 years, but now reckon cheaper alternatives from your discounters had taken them over saleswise.

So they're driving consumers to scoff inferior chocolate. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

Some brusque - and tellingly, unnamed spokesman for Cadbury told the Telegraph that the production of the coins "fiddly". Pouring charm into wounds by adding "We are sorry to see the coins go, but that's business."

Cadbury said Christmas was still its most important time of year, but that the company preferred to focus on Selection Packs, Roses boxes and tins, tree decorations and its new chocolate snowmen.



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  • Fagin
    Cadbury IS inferior chocolate since it sold us all up the hershey highway!

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