Deathwatch: Borders book chain close to collapse

retaildeathwatch Borders chain of bookshops could be on the brink of collapse if they don’t find a buyer soon, with speculation suggesting that administration is looming and that the company may not have enough money to survive until Christmas.

BBC News are reporting that WH Smith walked away from a prospective buy-out deal at the end of last week and that Waterstones owner HMV are also sniffing around the Borders chutney, with a view to buying all the jars. Some metaphor that eh reader(s)?

Borders flagship store in London’s Oxford Street closed earlier in the year following a massive ‘everything must go’ sale which left the place looking a bring and buy sale in a typhoon by the time it was over. Shame.


  • Nobby
    It's a shame because Borders is a good place to go to decide what books to order on Amazon.
  • Mark S.
    I think you will find the plan is that the smaller Books etc branches are closing first and the stock from them will go to the bigger borders branches for big sales. Another big closure before xmas with the shop staff getting hit the worst as jobs in retail are few. Bookstores will disappear first and then Gaming stores as both are getting hit hard by supermarkets and the internet.
  • Rob S.
    I normally have a mooch around Borders or waterstones and then also go on line and buy it for half the price
  • zeddy
    "HMV are also sniffing around the Borders chutney" I heard they brought in a ferret to root around.
  • Kevin
    Mind you some of the prices are mad (true with most booksellers). Alan Davies autobiography. Marked up as £2 off the full price, but on the back a Borders price sticker for £2 lower than that. And that price is still over twice what is is going for on The Book People. Another example with them, The 2010 Whittakers almanac. Full price at £45. £9.99 in The Book People. £3 off or even half price biographies that they, WH Smith and Waterstones are selling are an obvious ripoff when you see how much you really can buy them for.
  • bwah h.
    This is the place is use my Red Laser app the most! To be fair not all the stuff in there is more expensive than Amazon. I quite like Borders. It's worrying though. Soon there will be fuck all shops left in the high street.
  • Deathwatch: B.
    [...] yesterday’s news that it’s ‘sell up or die’ for Borders bookshop chain, the company have now stopped taking new orders for books, saying that they are freezing orders [...]
  • Kevin
    Ahh yes the red laser app is great :)
  • Finn
    Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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