Deathwatch: Big losses for BlackBerry makers RIM

deathwatch After what could best be described as a crappy year, BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion has announced what could best be described as a crappy set of financial results, with a net loss of $125m (£78m) compared with a profit of $934m in the previous year.

Additionally, they have said that they’re planning to focus more on the business market and concentrate less on the consumer market. Which is probably bad news for punters who want to use their Blackberrys for organising riots again this summer.

Shares in RIM have fallen by 80% over the past year and shipments of BlackBerry handsets have fallen by 11.1 million in the past quarter, down 21% on the past quarter. Sales of their PlayBook tablet have been healthy, but that is mainly due to the fact that the thing has been heavily discounted by RIM.

Like Icarus, perhaps RIM have possibly flown too close to the sun, trying to please all the people all the time. Also like Icarus, it might all go horrendously tits up for them in the near future.


  • George O.
    Will they be laying people off? The last thing I need is fewer RIM jobs.
  • Mike H.
    Blackberry can lick my RIM.
  • A T.
    I think the phones they make are amazing and everyone should buy one right now.
  • A C.
    I agree with the teacher
  • jax
    @George That was spectacular!
  • shoplifter
    What next... Big losses for RaspBerry makers Big losses for GooseBerry makers Big losses for strawBerry makers to hell in a handcart here we come .....
  • bob
    Jump ship to a windows phone as they are the best of all the phones at the moment.
  • Boris
    @George That was indeed first class punnery. Would you like a job as director of communcations for London? My current bod is wank.
  • George O.
    @Boris - That depends on whether there are any "special perks" with the job, I'm thinking about things like legalisation of chaining up rent boys against their will. I understand Livingstone's all in favour of that sort of thing.
  • jax
    @Bob, SURE they are.
  • Chewbacca
    @ jax you're just a gay apple fucktard
  • Boris
    The most important perk is knowing that you serve the public and make London a better place. /aside not really; there is plenty of dirty sex and dirty money to be had when you work for me /end asise You will have to ask the Lib Dem candidate about rent boys.
  • George O.
    @Boris - I'm doubting your commitment, Ken was doing his secretary over the desk and paying her over £150k a year for the priviledge, you don't seem to be making a concerted effort to take the piss out of Londoners.
  • Boris
    Ken was caught. I think you will find that my record speaks volumes for about the high regard I hold Londoners and just about everybody else.

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