Deathwatch - are Auto Windscreens about to crack?

Bitterwallet - Auto Windscreens logo"Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace." No, not them - the other guys. The ones that don't have an irritable earworm of a jingle or a nice young man called Gavin. AutoWindscreens, which employs around 1600 people across the UK, appears to be in financial trouble.

An article on the Business Sale Report Website confirms administrators are standing by to deal with the business:

"Lloyds, the company’s bankers, are in discussions with several business turnaround specialists with the specific objective of securing emergency investment for the company.

"Understandably concerned about its exposure, the bank has enlisted the help of Deloitte, whose insolvency partners are standing by should it be deemed necessary to place the business into administration."

According to the article, there are only 300 fitters employed by Auto Windscreen, down from 700 a couple of years ago. One fitter is quoted as saying: "Fitters now have to travel 300 miles per day - up from 100 miles per day - for fewer jobs, with fuel prices constantly rising."

A source within the company has contacted Bitterwallet with details of an unofficial forum used by staff of Auto Windscreens. Posters have claimed that staff are being made redundant, accounts are on stop with several suppliers, fuel cards have been stopped, bonuses not being received and staff are concerned about being paid.


  • Resin B.
    I'm glad Gavin's job is safe, who else would inject their special resin into my crack ??
  • Chris
    Unsurprising given that the former MD (Abu Shafi) was also the MD here and that the place where he just was BSM has just been sold to AA for £1. He also has far too many points on his license and is a cock:
  • Plug
    I'm not surprised, they must spend all the money on their inane adverts - I don't know about anywhere else but around here you would think they owned the local radio stations, annoying bastards.
  • TimB
    Is it just me who hears that jingle as "jism on my hair, jism on my face"?
  • Andy
  • Peter f.
    I am am the Md at autowindscreens and we have not been going under for at least 5 months now .... honest. There seems to some confusion over companies here to the jingle mentioned is auto glass not autowindscreens and thats why they are not going under.
  • PB
    Peter if that is in fact the case why dont you communicate to the remaining members of your staff that you are indeed in a stable position and not fighting to stay alive!! And that there is not a risk that the Bankers will come in and put it into administration. Speak some truths and give the honesty and respect to the god damn hard working individuals whom have been there years and have families and mortgages. They at least deserve to know what they and there future holds within the Company you and Christian run.
  • Jim a.
    Do you really think that is really the Peter Fox?
  • Bob
    Bless him, eh Jim.
  • Paul S.
    It's always worth reading the whole of the first paragraph, rather than the first four words.
  • petier f.
    iam peter fox,and so is my wife ..............pmsl
  • Bob
    He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
  • petier f.
    welease cwhistian.................
  • Bob
    Apart from the PDAs, Metrix, 360, and the debts, what has the German ever done for us?
  • hellboy 1.
    too little too late, between aviva and those idiots in charge now theyve wrecked a once great ,leading edge windscreen company, now theres no stock, no staff, no sense and a giant fuel bill that aint getting paid. Wish i had the money to buy it of that pair of incompetent idiots and sort it out. ill give you 30 quid for it like to throw a few f***s at him but i wont...... ps hello jim
  • Bob
    Blimey hellboy, your face has gone awfully red! Calm down dear, things are not always as they seem. I understand your frustration at not being told anything, but just be patient a little while longer. All is not lost.
  • hellboy 1.
    Too late for me mate im leaving, its the rest of the poor people who havent managed to find anything else, and at the end of the day no one running that shambles of a company gives a damn about them, so if they do some how manage to be bought out by someone the fitters will still be driving around for hours to get to jobs that people have already been waiting for 2 or 3 weeks then to be told "YOUR COMPANY IS A JOKE " and then hear them moan about how long theyve waited for an appointment and then to have it cancelled due to stock issues (if anyone bothered to ring them and tell them) and then having to appologise for the 5th or 6th time that day. Its those that are left behind i feel sorry for and on top of that all the uncertainty that comes with each new day Good luck everyone
  • it's j.
    the fuel cards finaly on stop and not alot of customers exces left what next wages
  • it's j.
    when are the baliffs coming as we are not allowed to keep customers or company cars/vans in dept's
  • it's j.
    must be soon we will grind to a halt in around 1 day at our local site not enough of customers exces to pay for fuel what a shamble's
  • hellboy 1.
    bailiffs already been to romford fitting centre so i heard, also heard the AA need about another 400 fitters to cover their work so maybe they will buy us.also heard they are issuing diesel syphoning equipment to each depot to solve fuel problem or maybe theyll tell us to run on red diesel ha ha.
  • jim
    Hi ya hellboy 187, now i get the PS3 message. Where you off to? What will be will either wait it out or take the plunge.
  • Bob
    Good luck for the future hellboy. It's a shame to have seen so many people walk out the door in recent times, voluntarily or forcibly. I've been here many many years and seen many changes, some good, some bad, some bloody awful, but I just think if Brian Holmes could see whats happening now, he'd be turning in his grave.
  • hellboy 1.
    im off to nationals seems like a good place to work, know a few people there 2 others coming with me possible 3 depends on announcement tommorrow(if there is one) for one of them. thanks for the good wishes bob ill be sorry to go it was a really good company to work for b4 all this happened ive been there 14 years myself and its a shame whats happened to it, i hope everything works out for those of you remaining good luck on the battle field. all i said was that piece of halibet was good enough for jehova you said it again your only making it worse for yourself ............thats for you bob as you like your monty python qotes couldnt think of one that was appropriate
  • LB
    An employer has an obligation to consult with it's employers regarding redundancy and should inform and consult over a potential tupe transfer. A tupe transfer is when an employee is transferred from one entity to another. If the rumours are true and AA are buying Autowinscreens, hopefully they'll be professional and want the staff to know what's going on. I have to think that as it is no news is good news - the company is gradually grinding to a halt - no fuel and no glass means that not a lot of work is going to get done. If there was no hope of selling the business the administrators would be appointed and the doors shut. It's a pity that the directors think it's ok to keep the staff in the dark over something as important at this. Whatever you do, don't incur any expenses as you wont get them paid if the company goes bust. You can claim wages (up to £400 a week) from the governtment if they do go bust. Other claims can also be made - but the maximum paid is £400 a week. Come on directors, Deloitte or a buyer and do the right thing. It's the not knowing anything that's so frustrating. Do the right thing and talk to the staff.
  • Long k.
    Its a crying shame lads was there 10 years and left last year. Glad i did now. Just to let you no autoglass area taking on good pay nice bonus and loads of work.
  • it's j.
    the directers are spineless and have no bollocks
  • screenfitter
    mobiles need bus n plant screen fitters at bournemouth area give them a ring
  • Autowindscreens W.
    Cant believe the way the company has turned out, Not sure who's to blame but eaither way we are all in this together and i firmly believe we are NOT getting payed this month. Depots arent banking cash any longer and the fuel cards are on stop because we owe ££££'s so where are they going to get our wages from? We all just want honest answers, No cock and bull...
  • Billbo
    I was at AW for ten years and got made redundant by Aviva, I am sorry to hear about all the problems but could see them coming as the systems they kept putting in place were never going to work it started when they got rid of all the sales people. My advice to anyone still there is don't wait just get out now before is too late.
  • tc
    AA are not buying AW trust me,they are to far gone,mr fox and co have got a return on there investment and are now leaving it for the goverment to pick up the pieces,they were just asset strippers
  • R.I.P A.
    The Government are never going to put money into our company thats not going anywhere, There's between 1400 and 1600 workers throughout the company. If you put every employee on a standard wage on say £1000 a month thats an out going of about £1.6mill a month.. Now who in there rite mind is going to pump that kind of money in to try and turn this all around, And then you've got the HUGE fuel bill to pay and aswell as that the GLUE is now on hold along with every single car dealer throughout the country you can think of. And we will never ever get the trust of laddaws again as we had huge bills with them. Whats the next thing to stop?? Maybe DHL will stop delivering glass and maybe our mobile phone contracts will be stopped soon!! AUTOGLASS have AVIVA from march! It's going to take something BIG to regain trust from insurance companys customers!! What company in there rite mind who is in the state we are in would have a Twitter page?? Once had a Facebook page that was shut down a few weeks ago because of all the complaints they were recieving.
  • Chris R.
    I am sorry that a once big brand name is in such difficulty even though i was made reduntant in 2009 after 24 years service. I am glad that people such as Brian Holmes, Phil Dawson, Nick Webber, Geoff Thompson and countless others who strived to put Auto Windscreens on the map and made it feel a family atmosphere to work for, cannot see what is going on.
  • Andy J.
    Meeting at all depots at 4pm today guys!! I will not be able to attend Norwich depot as the lads will already have guessed I'm far too busy booking jobs in for the next 2weeks. Even tho we won't have a company by then!!
  • paul
    Ever seen the advert where the little boy in a suit runs the toilet roll company
  • Ron b.
    Gavin was unavailible for comment this morning.
  • paul
    You will all get cock and bull at 4pm things ok problem with system but we are going to pay bills And everything ok,do yourself a favour go and work for autoglass secure future they treat you well Do your job that your paid to do and they will pay you well,I should be getting my redundancy the end of this Month. I won't get it. They have moved the money into other places so they are ok,belron who own autoglass are Rich beyond belief and they use the money wisely. Employ good staff and pay them well. Good luck to all you remaining Collegues but there is no future,sorry to be blunt but everyones heads have gone down and who can blame you, Ps don't let them bullshit on the current climate. Why are national and ag so busy,and no we never got admiral national did Just another stunt. I have been in industry very long time they are in shit and pulling wool over your eyes don't let them I have met a lot of you and you better than that. Take care all the best
  • ploddingalong
    well they have not even had the decency to get in touch with me about any of this even though everyone should be there today, once again i have heard from elsewhere, i doubt are jobs will be there for much longer, always has been one thing after another since we all had to re apply for our jobs last time, well im happy to take redundency this time, dont want to go back when its in such a state to put up with the shit from customers, i dont get paid enough for that!!!
  • paul
    We all said about a year ago let's change things its bnot working,nobody listened too brainwashed,the only problem the company had was From area managers up they was all yes men.maybe now when like us they have to apply for jobs they stop There bums must hurt too,or do they like it maybe,I could of saved overnite a fortune a day by just moving a couple of jobs and Make runs more cost effected and productive. But no one would listen. So things must of been ok
  • M4RKM
    so, administration, and according to the BBC, it's 1100 jobs at risk... :(
  • hellboy 1.
    assholes i hope they rott in hell,, nobody is buying this shit. Do yourselves a favour and get a job sky news say have gone into administration 1100 jobs lost good luck everyone its a shame
  • Deathwatch: B.
    [...] As we predicted last week, Auto Windscreens have sadly gone into administration, with 1,100 jobs at risk. [...]
  • paul
    Well I could of told you this 12 months ago,the time the business should be thriving,but for twelve months The money has been going out of back door and into christian and peters pocket,never mind the work has to go somewhere And so all I can say is get your bums to autoglass and get a job to help cope with all the work, You won't look back. Nice van nice wage and looked after,or stay where you are no bonus ole van with 1100000 miles on it and security. By the way autoglass can afford to fuel and put oil in your van. I can't even get a job there but I'm telling you get out. Get cv in and keep your wifes happy.
  • ANDY I.
    The worst thing they done today was allowing us fitters to drive home in the work vans!!! haha All the best on trying to recover these vehicles and equipment, Rather you than me!!
  • 6290 M.
    Its because there not owned by aw mate there lex. Ide get your buddys on ebay
  • paul
    Don't worry honest. Get you names down for autoglass better monry better future get over the first month with no money Then you will get the benefits and not look back,honest lads I spoke to my lads months ago and told them to get out,why because I was a Manager that cared. Now let's all go to autoglass make them bigger and better and no one will touch us and if someone does buy aw they will Never catch us so thet are wasting there money,autoglass are the future. Let's all try and be part of it
  • jay
    Well said paul. Left about 9 months ago from chester got 3 lads in out my old depo and im trying to get more in. Hell of a company to work for bonus is realy good.
  • ploddingalong
    well i just love how HR still have jobs and so does TM phill and claire church - they cant afford to pay us what they owe us but can afford to keep these on, takes the p*ss!! oh and how fantastic was it that peter fox was actually smirking when the administrator was telling us everything then he stood back and wouldnt answer anything! And a temp being a the news about it - A TEMP??!!! - they were all taken to one side and just told their contracts were up, they wasnt even told we had gone into administration (i saw one after and she didnt have a clue, i told her) yet theres a temp discussing it on the news, it doesnt effect temps, not really, they knew it would happen at some point thats why they are just temps, some of us have been there years, maybe it should have been one of us on the news not a damn temp, we can tell the real impact this has on us - what can a temp say - oh yes i was just a temp and my contract ended as it does when your a temp!! And i fully agree with what someone said about it going into P & C's pockets, how else have the got it into so much debt, and C is ment to specialise in getting companys out of the sh*t yet hes just helped to put us way into it!! Nice one AW - bills to pay in a week and half, kids to feed and no wage to do it - great start to the year!!
  • ploddingalong
    Best part is the job centre knew 2 weeks ago and rang AW and offered to come in to discuss it with the staff but they were told not to bother as they wouldnt be needed ....... well how else do AW think we are going to live with no wage!
  • hellboy 1.
    I hope the next time that p***k peter fox is cutting his own hair he slips and cuts his stupid smirk off
  • Wish a.
    Im keeping the buddy, Repair kit, Glue gun, Sumo, and anything else i can get my hands on! They can have the handheld back smashed up, oh and ive lost the printer. Peter fox How the f*ck did you get away without someone punching you coz if you was in my depot on monday you would have got a hell load of abuse. But instead we took it out on the administrators when infact they are doing a better job than you!! Peter fox has been dipping into the funds for ages... i still cant believe this has happened!! Autoglass taking loads on, And AA are recruiting aswell guys.
  • Maccad01
    Paul "You will all get cock and bull at 4pm things ok problem with system but we are going to pay bills And everything ok,do yourself a favour go and work for autoglass secure future they treat you well Do your job that your paid to do and they will pay you well,I should be getting my redundancy the end of this Month. I won’t get it. They have moved the money into other places so they are ok" If you knew a year ago that this was goikng to happen why did you post this prior to the announcement? And also, if you care so much for the employees of AW, stop spouting your sh!te about nobody wanting to buy the company with the state it's in and Autoglass are way better. If they are as good as you claim, they wouldn't have double their already steeper than AW charges would they - I have never heard so much crap in all my life! And maybe if you had pulled your finger out your ar$e back when you were in charge of whatever you were in charge of, the customers wouldn't have got so pee'd with the company, forcing the insurancers to pull the contracts, think before you speak you daft man!!!
  • dan g.
    Such a shame to see you boys out of work, a once great company that got humped. Over at Autoglass we are out the door with work so cheers Peter for that me old mate. I might need one of your spare vans to help me carry home all this bonus iam making. Sell the Buddy and anything else you have to get your wages back.
  • ploddingalong
    peter fox had the administrator acting as his body guard, one person walked over to him and the administrator jumped right in front of him!
  • magpie
    I believe now you have to go to get you redundancy from the goverment. Any one know if that true and how you do it
  • ploddingalong
    yes you can get it from goverment but it can take months and you may only get a fraction of what you should be getting so dont count on getting it any time soon
  • John T.
    at least we won't have to fit UKG anymore!
  • Hurry d.
    Handhelds seem to be working again!!! Doh....
  • MP D.
    what a joke ey? i cnt belive that this once great company has gone this way! peter fox and that german c*nt have totaly runied this place i hope they cant sleep at night now as 1100 people cant pay our mortages, rent bill etc... Nice one Mr.Fox i hope you rot in hell and di* slowly in a painfull and agornising way!!! thanks!!!
  • hellboy 1.
    What happened to pilkington buying us and back to work today, another load a s**t i suppose
    Hi folks , i have worked for Autoglass for 10 years now and i have never looked back , i must say i am gutted that AW have gone into administration and could be gone. You are probably thinking yeh what ever , AW was always a strong competitor for a number of years and we met some great people who worked there , to hear that so many people with families and houses to pay for suddenly being out of work is criminal and personally my heart goes out to you guys. If any of you do want to join us simply ring any of our branches and they will give you a number to text your name to , this text will put any AW technician to the top of the list hopping over any trainees that are queing. I don't particularly know the back ground into AW apart from the fact that they have been bounced from pillar to post , but after reading some of your comments i can see why you are so hacked of, the one thing i would say is that if there is any hope for AW and you would like to stay there selling or damaging proprty is only going to make it harder for the new buyers to turn the business around. However i can understand your frustrations so i suppose it's your call. Good luck people , hope all goes well eventually.
  • Screw h.
    Why does everyone have to travel far and wide to go to various depots at high noon today,just for some c""t to tell us we dont have a job no more? I would rather them tell me over the phone and save me travelling 50 miles and wasting MY day. Deloitte are as bad with communication as sir peter fox.
  • skint
    If the administrators were unable to sell the business as a going concern, how come someone has bought 21 depots, is using the Auto Windscreens name and is trading again? Amazing how the story on the BBC doesn't mention the appointment of liquidators and how the staff have been shafted.
  • quarterlight
    Tex 07786 204966 with your name to Autoglass Jobs For experienced Techs needed in the North West
  • fishey
    I understand a fishy insurance co has bought the name and 21 depts, when i called the call centre today i was told a new firm had taken over the firm and only trading as AW if there is winding up order how come i was told i could go to depot tommorrow and get my windscreen fixed , if they have bought the name and the depots surly the vans, the stock and the contents of the vans are the property of the adminstrator who should be trying to sale anything he can to pay of first the wages for Feb and then AW creditors remember all you guys that have been offered work will not get paid for another month if the firm crashes thats another months money also you may be driving vans that are not owned by the new company as driver you can be prosucreted by the police for driving without consent, no insurance and taking and driving away check first you have all had a lot of lies told you you dont need that as well
  • hellfire31
    Autos are back in business
  • john s.
    what do we do with the vans?

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