Deathwatch: Almost 2,000 First Quench jobs go as 373 stores close

retaildeathwatch News is just breaking that 373 stores are to close at off licence group First Quench, with the loss of 1,738 jobs

Administrators KPMG have announced that the closures will include all six of the First Quench brands - Threshers, Wine Rack, The Local, Haddows, Bottoms Up and Victoria Wine.

Just over 900 stores will remain open with almost 5,000 staff employees remaining in their jobs, and KPMG hope to sell the remainder of the business as a going concern.


  • My P.
  • grex9101
    Well, they have been poor for a long long time. Survival of the fittest and all that.
  • A W.
    Off licences are too expensive, so this really is no surprise.
  • alcoholic
    Two words - Bruno kusters
  • diGriz
    Supermarkets are killing almost every type of business and industry. Shame.
  • A W.
    diGriz: First Quench ARE the massive corporate Off Licence version of supermarkets. They own(ed) 1300 shops. Hardly 'the corner shop owned by Fred'. So it's not a shame at all. They just weren't capable of runing a piss up in an off licence.
  • Andy C.
    Whoa, you know Fred's? I love Fred's, he used to serve we when I was 15.
  • Paul
    Just think about the poor staff like my wife who has put her heart & soul into her job as manager for the last 8 years, Shame the people at head office did,ent talk to there staff in the main they could have run it far better than the pratts at head office. My heart gos out to all the hard working staff like my wife.
  • A W.
    LoL @ Andy Crapp You knew Fred too? Did he sell you 'starter packs' of a fag and a match as well? They went well with my can of cider at playtime!

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