Deathwatch - 1,200 driven out of Nissan

Deathwatch is many things - a harbinger of doom to dying high street brands, and a herald of major job losses. It's not a great career choice, announcing pain and predicting misery - there's not many laughs and nobody asks you out on dates - but at least it's a job, which in these dark days is something to be thankful for.

And so here were are again; this time it's Nissan's turn to chop nearly a quarter of of workforce at its Sunderland plant. The company had already sent workers home early before Christmas because of a lack in demand, and is now set to slash 1,200 jobs.

Nissan sold 66,336 new cars in the UK in 2008, barely down on 2007 figures. It's December's sales that have scared the bejesus out of management - the month was nearly 27 per cent down compared with the same month in 2007. The decline across the rest of the industry was just over 21 percent.



  • MB
    If many more companies layoff their workforces, deathwatch will be on deathwatch.
  • Mike H.
    Driven out? No pun intended Paul?
  • Bob
    But on the bright side Sainsbury are making loads and looking to employ 5,000 more staff.

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