Deal Klaxon! Skyrim now available from only £19.99

Here’s one that’s just appeared on the HotUDeals ‘wire’ that could get you hot under the collar, but there’s a whiff of ‘while stocks last’ about it so you might need to move fast.

It’s Skyrim, the highly-rated game that is currently dazzling those folk who have got hundreds of hours of spare time in their lives. And according to an ad in the latest issue of Nuts magazine (pictured), it can be had on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for only £22.49, and on the PC for just £19.99. Although the ad doesn't mention it, the bargain boffins at HUKD seem to think that this price won't kick in until Thursday.



  • The B.
    Pah, I had my fingers burnt with Oblivion which was one of the most boring RPG's of all time, I'll buy it once its sub £15.
  • PokeHerPete
  • bob
    This game is shit on the PS3, it slows down to a crawl and is unplayable. I have asked the wife for an Xbox for Christmas so I can play the game properly. Will Game give me a refund on my PS3 version as it's not fit for sale?
  • Mike H.
    £19.99 Because it's bust and no one will buy it till it's fixed yeah? The Real Bob - "Oblivion which was one of the most boring RPG’s of all time, I’ll buy it once its sub £15." You thought Oblivion was shit, but you're still going to splash £15 on a game that you will probably think is just as shit? The resession really hitting hard there. Dick-end. I'm off to buy the latest iPhone, the last one was shit and didn't work properly and put me in debt, but I'm going to get another anyway.
  • The B.
    Wow Mike, that's some temper you've got there, shame it seems to block any logical thought processes. You do realise this is a different game? Just like Oblivion was a different game to Morrowind as it used a different engine, Fallout 3 was different to Oblivion but used the same engine but was a far superior game. But even then, one person may like it another may hate it, personal preference I believe is the expression, still, don't let it stop you spewing your brain dead shit on the interweb.

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