Deal Klaxon: Putting a price on love

Skilfully nicked from this site if you ask us...


  • Mike H.
    Together with a bunch of ASDA flowers, and ASDA chocolate, shows how much she means to you. For added effect, leave the price tag on to show her just how much you spent.
  • Dick
    It may be a rip off of the old tesco value one, but tesco wanted that site closed down. Whereas this is asda selling the crap card ... Looks like a good anti-valentine card to me.
  • HardUp
    Why is everyone flaunting their wealth - most of us are suffering in these times of austerity. I'm sitting here freezing my wrinkled old knackers off cos I can't afford the heating to be on. 7p for a fucking Valentines card? I wish I had a spare 7p to spunk on ridiculous shows of affection. Before the war 7p got you a right good seeing to from old Mrs Hutchins round the corner who had to fill in as a prossie to make ends meet. Maybe that's what I need to do to get me heating back on. Anyway - it's not like the old days. Watching Downton Abbey is the only reminder I've got of how great life used to be. Except I can't afford to watch it. Bastards!

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