Deal Klaxon: Offer of the century?

12 April 2012

As spotted by Twitter powerhouse @GarethAveyard in his native Manchester - we imagine that thousands of you will be heading in that direction today to avail yourselves of this one...



  • The B.
    It is the North though so fruit and veg probably costs more than carpet. In the South, Virgin Active give away day passes and bananas outside Wimbledon station, mind you, at £110 a month to use their crummy gyms, they can afford to.
  • Alistair B.
    The same offer has been running since at least 2006, maybe Gaz offers longer weeks than anybody else as well
  • duck
    Got any Grapes?
  • klingelton
    lol. Banana's
  • captain c.
    Ré "Got any Grapes" His rivals do, but they are all sour!!!
  • Mike H.
    Gaz refers to his dick as a banana. That's why his clientele is made up of mostly women.
  • Mary H.
    You know what they say, if you employ monkeys...* *Not 'THE' Monkeys, cause one of the fuckers is dead, that would be rude
  • shoplifter
    wonder if he`s giving away free blackberries....and apples....see what I did there...
  • Alexis
    Presumably it's a deal breaker if he doesn't have any in stock.
  • The B.
    He's only giving away free eggs boxes.
  • Fantastic F.
    Gwen Stefani shits bananas
  • Fantastic F.
    Sorry, I mean banana's!

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