Deal Klaxon! More free coffee from Starbucks

Last Thursday, Starbucks were giving away a free Cocoa Cappucino for every customer who opted for a hand-crafted beverage. That’s some sweet action right there.

There’s another offer on this Thursday as well – this time you could cop for a free 250g bag of whole bean coffee. As with last week, all you have to do is buy a handcrafted beverage. The whole ‘handcrafting’ thing isn’t necessarily as creepy as it sounds.


What do you coffee addicts think of all THAT then? Yeah, exactly.

(thanks to avid HotUKDeals member DDTTAA)


  • Sawyer
    At my local Starbucks, the 'handcrafted' drinks are those poured from a gloopy mix kept in a cardboard takeout cup, then diluted with lukewarm milk/water. But then, they're a 'licensed' store, which probably means they won't accept these vouchers anyway. They're whimsical like that. Too many inverted commas required in this comment.
  • Slacker
    Frankly I'd rather drink my own week-old, stale piss than anything on offer in Starbucks.
  • Jen
    What exactly is a "handcrafted beverage"?!

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