DEAL KLAXON! Huge entertainment clear out instore at Tesco

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Up to 75% off entertainment including gaming

Tesco is one of those supermarkets which you try to avoid through fear of bumping into THAT couple from up the road who always keep you talking for 3 hours whilst scrutinising your basket and judging your microwavable kebab. You're an adult, you will eat what you want. Or so you keep telling yourself.

That kind of scenario is worth the risk for right now because Tesco are having a huge clear out in stores on some of their entertainment lines with some PS3/Xbox/Wii/WiiU games scanning at 25% of their original price.

Those avid deal hunters over at HotUKDeals have been sharing their haul and so far they've managed to bag games such as Deadpool 3, Pokemon Black/White, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS, New Super Mario Bro 2, Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask all for £3.75 each.  Other highlights include Lego City Undercover for WiiU £2.50, Zelda Skyward Sword £1.25 and Fifa 13 £3.75.

If you are heading to Tesco to hopefully bag some of these, get them to scan everything. From what we've seen over at HotUKDeals, anything with a big yellow stick is the price before the 75% reduction. However, loads of items such as Fifa 13 were on the shelf as £40 (pah!) but scanning at £3.75.

This isn't just on gaming - the clearance extends to DVDs and blu-rays. Some folks have grabbed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for £3.75 and Wreck it Ralph 3D for the same price. Madness!

So yeah, empty your boot and get on down to Tesco. Let us know what you manage to bag.

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